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It is sickening and distasteful to read an article published on freedomnewspaper on July 24th, 2021 ,with the titled “ Tribute For Courageous late S/sgt Almamo  Manneh (GNA) , A Solider very loyal And Faithful To The Services of The Nation, State and Truth” written by an arrogant and a heartless Sana Bairo Sabally, the former Vice Chairman of Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council- military Junta ( AFPRC).
As expected and demonstrated in his article, the unapologetic and defiant Sabally did not show any regret or remorse for the action of military that overthrew the democratically elected government of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. In fact Sabally criminally justified the coup when he stated that:
“It was high time for us empowered by the Constitution (In a genuine democracy, the Constitution is the Supreme Law) and our Oath of office…enshrined into the G.A.F.A. —The Gambia Armed Forces Act 1984 (revised in 1991)] to stand up and defend the democracy that we believe in where each man is created equal in the eyes of God. We believed in Truth, Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency, [TART]. Yes, by design and intent, every politician says “the military must desist, i.e. Clearly Stay Out of active Politics”. It’s a Dangerous Flattery”.
Clearly Mr Sabally is a ill-informed person who does not understand the role of military in a democracy. His assertion that they were empowered by the constitution and oath of office.. enshrined into The Gambia Armed Forces Act 1984 to stage a military coup in the name of “standing up and defending the democracy” is the highest form of disrespect, disregard and disobedience to the laws of Gambia. The implication of Sabally’s dangerous claim is that military officers  can stage a coup as long as they are dissatisfied with the governance situation in the country at any given time.
He went further to suggest that for the military to “clearly stay out of active politics  is a dangerous flattery”. This statement is the most dangerous utterance which encourages military coup in The Gambia now and in the future.
Mr Sabally in his delusional mind also believe that“22nd July 1994 Coup was very timely over-due, legal, ethical, professional and for the interests of the masses of The Gambia and her people”, though he failed to understand that using the constitution to defend treasonable crime of AFPRC military Junta is itself treasonous crime but an ignorant psychopath with a weapon will never get this legal perspective. If the coup was constitutionally authorized then why the military junta had to suspend the constitution after the illegal overthrow of government? Sabally now sit in Germany spewing dangerous lies and ignorance while failing to take responsibility for killing eleven or more of his fellow citizens who do not have a chance to exercise their constitutional rights of presumption of innocence but they were summarily executed in cold blood in broad daylight . What a heartless beast!!!.
Mr Sabally’s poorly written article without understanding the role of military and the constitution is further indication that he will be willing to carry out another military coup if he has opportunity to do so . The Gambia has experienced lawlessness and much more extensive corruption during 22 years of military dictatorship than when Sir Dawda Jawara was in power. The evidences of human rights violations and extensive corruption were revealed in TRRC and Janneh’s Commission respectively. These evidences are the evil effects of forceful removal of government elected by the people. Sabally and his ilk must get these evil effects in their minds. Many citizens living in exile is a testament of the effects of military dictatorship but an ignorant solider without education is dangerous beast who neither understand his constitutional rights nor respect the rights of fellow citizens. It was this reason that Thomas Sankara famously stated that:
“ when you are bearing arms that can spit fire and death and when you can receive orders standing to attention in the front of a flag without knowing who will benefit from this order or this arm, you become a potential criminal who is just waiting to spread terror around you. So a solider without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal”.
On July 22nd, 1994 , Sabally and the rest of military officers who received order and took part in the coup were all potential criminals who do not know who will benefit from the coup. The arms they used to terrorize the population was used against them in every conceivable way. Sana Sabally became the victim of his own terrorism and Almamo Manneh followed suit in the same manner. The coup leaders betrayed The Gambia people who hired them to serve and protect the people and territory integrity of the country. The Gambian people became victim of their illegal action during 22 long years of dictatorship characterized by gross human rights violations and corruption.  Sabally spread terror during his short period as the vice-chairman of AFPRC junta as evidenced in TRRC testimony. Today, their evil and disgraceful leader is sitting lonely in Equatorial Guinea where he continue to express nostalgia about how he missed raping young light-skinned women and killing innocent citizens. For Sabally, he needs to understand that “ a solider without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal” and the solider’s ideological training should be based on simple truth that the constitution of The Gambia did not give any legal authority for military officers to overthrow any democratically elected government in any given situation.
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