Barely few hours after facing the media to shed light on the CEO’s alleged corruption scandal, the Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda, who has been bragging that he has nothing to hide, that his hands are clean, has been accused of running an illegal salary “advanced scheme” at the Kanifing Municipality in a bid to win the support of some of the elected Councilors, Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. A source who wrote us, has alleged that the Mayor has broken Gambian law by luring the councilors into such  longstanding salary payment arrangement.

“With the ongoing deceptive scheme at Kanifing municipal council under the leadership of Mayor Talib Bensouda, Mayor Bensouda and his councilors have designed a scheme to get rich quick for his councilors in salary advance. Councilors are paid Fifteen thousand dalasis(15,000) a month but the mayor will give his councilors fans salary advance. Imagine some councilors are given Eighty thousand dalasis (D80,000) for a month salary advance to a councilor whose monthly salary is D15,000,” said a source close to the heart of the KMC.


“By law employees must take 60% of their salary on pay day, it’s an illegal scheme and Mayor Bensouda has been running this scheme in the council to win councilors on his side. Many councilors are struggling to pay back these advances and they kept asking for none deductions at the end of the month.  The council is in a financial mess because of this ill thought scheme,” our source added.

There is no justification for Bensouda’s conduct. The majority of the councilors benefiting from the illegal advance salary scheme are UDP councilors, sources said.

Mayor Bensouda could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

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