Barely a week after escaping from a stray bullet drive by shooting in Seattle, Washington, the controversial Gambian comedian and NPP supporter Ebou Bah, AKA Baba Jah, has over the weekend found himself in an alleged altercation at a Gambian party that was organized in observance of the past American July 4th independence. The party was going fine, with guests eating, dancing, only for it to be suddenly interrupted by an unexpected altercation.

Speaking to Freedom Newspaper, Ebou Bah said he was having fun at the park, where the party was held, when he allegedly got shoved by Pata Saidykhan, a strong supporter of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).  Bah isn’t aware of having problems with Mr. Saidykhan, that should warrant his shoving.


“I was at the park minding my business, when Pata PJ, suddenly descended on me, and he then shoved me, I fell down into the grass. I then called the police on him. The police came and I told them what happened. I had no contacts with him, I never spoke to him, he just came and shoved me, I fell down,” Bah told me on Sunday.

Seattle police officers responded to the scene, where both Ebou Bah and Pata PJ were interviewed by the officers. Ebou Bah was interviewed by a female officer, while Pata was questioned by a male officer, per video footage posted online.

“I did not fight with Pata. He was the one who attacked me, he shoved me, I called the police to inform them what happened. He pushed me, and I fell down,” Bah alleged.

According to Mr. Bah, he hasn’t filed criminal charges against Pata PJ yet.

“I am supposed to meet with my attorney tomorrow. The decision to file criminal charges against him rests in my hands.  I am yet to decide whether to file charges or not. I am waiting on my lawyer’s advice,” Bah added.

Bah said he works as a correctional officer in Seattle. He told me that the weekend incident was unprovoked.  “He emerged from nowhere and just shoved me. The supporters of the UDP have been celebrating about the attack I suffered, they said I was beaten by Pata. There was no fight. He just shoved me, and I fell. I showed the officer the injuries that I sustained on my leg; these were old injuries. I fell down because of the shoving,” Bah told Freedom Newspaper.

Pata Saidykhan was not available for comment when contacted.

Pata’s friend Bubacarr Sidiq Jammeh took on Facebook yesterday to inform his followers that Pata PJ was safe and fine. He notes that America is a nation of laws and that it is illegal for anyone to curse, verbally attack, or threaten people with violence.

“There is a law here in Washington state called stand your ground law. That law has given people the right to protect themselves, their families, and kids, when they come under attack,” Jammeh told his Facebook followers in the local Mandinka dialect, adding that many people were present when the incident happened.

“If you confront someone and insulted him, threaten him, the law has given him the right to defend himself. There is no need to blow this out of proportion. Someone was attacked and he defended himself. The police came and asked what happened, we left after the party. Everyone is fine. Pata is at home, he is fine. I am also fine,” he added.

Jammeh said no one was injured during the incident.

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