First of all congratulations to Freedomnewspaper for its tenacity in exposing this alleged super-scam. Mayor Bensouda says his Council knew of this alleged scam “sometime in June of this year” when “my office intercepted financial transactions initiated and entered into by Mrs Sonko” – but the CEO was not suspended on the spot.

It was only when Freedomnewspaper broke the story, some days later, and tenaciously followed it up, that the Mayor called an emergency meeting today to “resign” the Deputy Mayor and suspend the CEO and the Finance Officer. The credit, therefore, must go to Freedomnewspaper – with questions remaining for the Mayor as to why the CEO and Finance Officer were not suspended earlier.


The mind truly boggles.

How on earth did the CEO Mrs. Sainabou Martin Sonko and the Finance Officer Dr. Alieu Keita, both highly educated people, expect to get away with this alleged poorly planned day-light robbery?

Why would such highly educated professionals, upstanding citizens who are in responsible and well-paid positions, allegedly undertake such a low-level and unsophisticated crime? Here is a comment from a Gambian which makes the whole situation pretty sad – and tragic for the Gambia as a society:-

Mustapha Kekendo Conteh

“OMG. She is a very humble person. This was the least expected. I know her very well”.

That is the tragedy of The Gambia: the people who rob the National Treasury and the Central Bank are all people who you least expect to do such dastardly deeds: in Mustapha Kekendo’s words they are all “very humble persons, least expected of them”. The TRRC heard the same from neighbours of Yahya Jammeh’s killers too: “humble God-loving people”.

Gorgi Mboob 

Editor Mbai: Maybe you should campaign for Gorgi Mboob to be allowed to follow up personally, straight into offices, all cases of corruption reported by Freedomnewspaper – after all, that would be part of combating crime too. Why should Gorgi Mboob just concentrate on arresting those who steal 12 dalasis? Gorgi should be allowed to arrest those who steal 12 million dalasis too.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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