BCC waste collectors denied early pay, 1 x 6 for Tobaski

As carefully arranged campaign promises loom

An important lesson to learn from the recent legal tussle where CSOs summoned IEC to explain the legality of attestation by mayor of Banjul. The outcome of the case is interpreted in different ways but the importance is anybody found can be challenged. IEC does not have a legal unit – what a shame. They are not aware of what the law states on attestation for residents of Banjul and Kanifing Municipality. What a disappointment and this means people in authority have limited of the provisions of the law and yet they feel comfortable and not bothered at all. This is serious and how do we expect development.


One conclusion drawn is that CEO Mustapha Batchily has little or no idea of the laws governing his institution. Otherwise he is just ignoring the law. This man has been there for long but it seems he is not worth his salt.
It has also understood that he is so powerful that he can refuse to take orders or accept decisions from higher authorities. He was supposed to be transferred but no one is talking about it now.
He has served under several mayors and things are no better. He is best at organising trips, per diems and other sources of milking council coffers. Recently it is alleged that about D1 M was spent on a trip to Dakar for three staff just before Tobaski. No consideration for waste collectors – no early pay or 1 x 6
When a lady mayor was elected for the first time in the history of the country, waste collectors took a long sigh of relief. They were convinced by the carefully arranged campaign promises and the fact that she may be motherly and more caring.
However a few months down the line the CEO and his team of unscrupulous individuals were able to overcome and poison the mind of the lady mayor.
Waste collectors were able to have one meeting with the lady mayor. The hierarchy threatened the poor workers with dismissal. They showed no interest in their general welfare, knowing that waste collectors are exposed to serious health hazards. They have neither risk nor transport allowance and most of them live over 25 km outside Banjul. They have no form of protective gears. Without gloves, boots, medical check up, transport or risk allowances and related incentives, they would dip their bare hands in the unclassified waste. They would even consume food in that condition.
It is disgusting to see waste collectors sitting on top of heaps of unclassified waste loaded on trailers and this is happening right in the middle of our only city Banjul. What a shame!
In a chat with some waste collectors I knew through a relative who was their colleague, they said they are not considered at all by council.
A waste collector who worked for over a decade say “can you imagine what will happen if waste is not collected in Banjul just for a week? After all we live outside Banjul and paid only D3000 monti which is definitely very exploitative. This is not we expect from council in New Gambia under a lady mayor and in this day and age.
However he heaped praises on the manager of the unit Alhaji Jah. He hailed Mr Jah’s efforts to improve their income and general welfare but quickly pointed out that the man has limits. “He has no control over the decisions of the executive.”

Written by a concerned citizen

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