The former KMC Deputy Mayor Pa Musa Bah was pressured by Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda to resign in a bid for the Mayor to protect his long cherished Presidential ambition, sources close to the council have intimated. “Pa Musa was forced to resign. The Mayor pressured him to resign. In order to safeguard his Presidential ambition, his post, and political career, the Mayor thought it was wise to send his friend packing,” said sources.

The former Deputy Mayor has been accused of soliciting one million dalasis bribe from Ecowtech, a local Gambian company. The company’s owner Farimang Max Manneh has denied the allegations. Though his co business partner Gaston Francis, a Tanzanian national was caught on tape saying that he was “only given D7,000 dalasis” from the kickback deal.

Mayor Bensouda recently told the press that DM Bah resigned on personal and family grounds. He said Bah has suffered four deaths in his family, including his mother.


“It was the Mayor, who advised DM Bah to resign. The reason that has been given for his resignation is just a coverup. Bah hasn’t resigned based on principles. He was compelled by the Mayor to resign. The Mayor is increasingly worried about the audio tapes that Freedom radio has aired, in which DM Bah, was heard soliciting bribe from Ecowtech. A so-called committee has been set up here to probe the authenticity of the said audios. It is a fake investigation. Nothing is going to come out of it. The Deputy Mayor has been forced to resign, case closed,” our sources intimated.

The KMC under the leadership of Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda has been gripped by multiple high profile corruption allegations. The former Chief Executive Officer Sainabou Martin Sonko, the Council’s Finance Director Dr. Alieu Keita and others have been accused of stealing twenty-four million dalasis from the council.

Mayor Bensouda has denied any complicity into the alleged theft. He has accused his CEO and other municipal staffers of defrauding the council.

The former DM Pa Musa Bah still retains his Councilor post. He hasn’t resigned from that position.

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