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Corruption at KMC

Mayor Talib Bensounda did not tell the nation the whole truth about the corruption scandal at the KMC.


– The council under his leadership wanted to handle it as an internal matter. Billahi! But after the Freedom Newspaper revelations, they had no choice but to come out and save their skins.

– He threw CEO Sainabou Martin-Sonko under the bus but did everything possible to protect his party colleague, deputy mayor Pa Musa Bah, who allegedly pocketed over D1m from kickbacks.

This is what happened:

– The KMC staff association wanted land for their members and they approached CEO Sainabou Martin-Sonko to help them because they did not have sufficient money in their bank account.

– After consulting her finance director, the CEO decided to help the staff get land in Brufut Madiana.

– They bought the land (100×100) for D4million, but they allegedly inflated the price to D12million for the CEO, the finance director and three members of the staff association to get kickbacks.

– The CEO, who is the Council’s principal accounting officer, processed the bank guarantee without informing the Council.

– After the land was purchased, complaints started emerging that the land (100×100) is too small for 37 staff. It was later discovered that the price was inflated for kickbacks.

– When CEO Sainabou heard they were coming after her, she also went and put on her gloves ready to fight Talib and his boys. She was the one who exposed the deputy mayor’s alleged criminal activities.

Right now, Talib is very scared. Very scared! He did not sleep last night. Because the CEO could lift the lid on all the corruption that happened at the KMC since Talib took over.

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