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KMC SCANDAL: This is what the CEO, Sainabou Martin-Sonko said:

The staff came to my office on a daily basis in distress situations seeking financial support from the council in terms of acquiring a shelter for their families, paying for school, medical bills etc, and my hands were tight because I cannot approve loans for staff due to the embargo on loans for staff as a result of a general resolution.


I came up with a vision – that is to revive the operations of the Staff Welfare Association and turn it into a sort of microfinance body that can acquire assets- land for resale to the staff and as well engage in any viable business activity in the interest of the Welfare Association as mandated by the recently approved Service Rules.

Through my leadership and direction, the Welfare Association brokered a loan facility from AGIB to acquire a piece of property measuring 100 x 1000 square meters, situated in Brufut to be relocated to interested staff who are eligible in accordance with the Service Rules.

True I gave a corporate guaranty to the Welfare Association for the mentioned loan facility oversighting to get back to the Lord Mayor even though we had discussed the issue on few occasions and did not come to terms on the matter. I did it purposely in the best interest of the general staff as I have had series of consultations with the Welfare Association executive and also have announced this intend to the general staff when we had the first meeting of the Welfare Association that was held in May this year.

However, the fact that the transaction is perceived to be illegal and the AGIB was instructed to freeze the account of the property vendor to null the entire agreement between AGIB and Welfare Association, and between the Welfare Association and the property vendor, I therefore truly regret my actions and any inconvenience that may have emanated from the loan acquisition from AGIB. I wish to seize this opportunity to promise that this is a great lesson for me and shall never be repeated in my lifetime.

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