The embattled KMC Mayor is convening another press conference tomorrow, we have been reliably informed. The issue of the KMC Staff Association and other related matters would dominate the agenda of the press conference.

Mayor Bensouda is increasingly worried, according to credible sources talking to us. Millions of dalasis have been stolen from his council. He is at the center of media probe, as he has been accused of negligence of duties.

The suspended CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko, who has been accused of defrauding D24 million dalasis from council, has this morning released a bombshell, accusing Bensouda of trying to shield his former DM Pa Musa Bah. Bah has been caught on tape soliciting one million dalasis briber.


In another development, the police have started its investigations on the KMC stolen millions. No one has been arrested yet.

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