Dear Mr. Mbai,

I want to join those genuine Gambians who are voicing their concerns against what our dishonest and incompetent finance minister is doing with the nation’s finances. Since he took over as finance minister in 2018, the budget deficit continues to widen and our debt portfolios have been increasing unabated despite the rebasing that was done three years ago as an indication of the reckless disregard of prudence in managing our fragile economy.
It is a requirement to present a statement of budget execution report to lawmakers either verbally or in the form of  a mini budget presented to the MPs. Instead our cowboy finance minister continues to do what he is good at by circumventing established constitutional requirements shamelessly looking for additional funding in the middle of the year using taxpayers’ money to spend on ill-conceived projects, on misplaced priorities and making huge unsubstantiated expenditures on electioneering paying little attention on the widening fiscal deficit..
The current debt level of D79 billion is scary and taking more debts to service existing debts is financially detrimental to the economy. Lawmakers must demand a statement of what has been spent so far against the 2021 budget to warrant any justification from the minister before even considering the supplementary appropriation presently tabled before them.
It is unethical to present a SAP bill in the middle of the year without  telling Gambians how the budget for 2021 has been spent. Our democracy continues to be undermined by an unscrupulous and unethical minister whose incompetence can be explained by the failure to assiduously manage the rising budget deficit endangering the lives and livelihoods of the ordinary people he is supposed to serve. No wonder he is described by the president as loyal to him. Of course, he will have to serve the interest of Barrow or face the law as recommended by the Janneh commission of Inquiry.
It is illegal to present a SAP bill in the middle of the year without a mini-budget to show how the 2021 budget was spent. Failing to follow the established procedures and the legal requirements, the incompetent and unqualified finance minster continues to pass SAP bills every year to cover up the reckless and wasteful spending he is doing at the behest of the presidency. With the current debt level, generations of Gambians yet to be born will be obliged to pay for debts unwisely incurred by the minister. This sluicing and cover ups to hide the fiscal imprudence of an inept and corrupt administration should be stopped. Gambians deserve better.
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