The answer is simple. Revenue Collectors bring the cash while Waste Collectors take away things not needed in homes. The executive need the cash but don’t need the waste. This is ‘monkey work, baboon eat’.”


Your recent revelation of stolen millions through procurement is enough to justify the answer. The local media cannot handle such issues because they are patronized and they just ignore the rules of the game.

My sister is a female street cleaner at BCC who are the worst category workers at the council. Surprisingly, a Ministry of women is recently created but they are yet to remedy the plight of women.

A female cleaner said she had worked under many mayors. “We benefitted from Mayor Lie Bah and we were expecting more from Lady Mayor Lowe. As she is one of us, we thought she would have been more motherly and give us a new lease of life. Our plight needs her attention. We are very disappointed.”

A middle-aged woman said “our bosses have no consideration for sick or pregnant women. They would even want to deduct our annual leave from maternity leave. They should try to be pregnant and deliver a baby because that is when they would understand our plight.”

She said they sometimes resort to “begging to buy water to quench the thirst as we are exposed to dust, odour and other environmental and health hazards. We also subjected to frowning, harassment and intense pressure by supervisors who are blindfolded by their superiors. This is ‘monkey work, baboon eat’.”

A young lady expressed surprise that the mayor they thought would be motherly is doing less than what her male counterparts did.

“I cannot understand how a lady mayor can ignore the plight of fellow female workers under her watch. We would never have believed that we would continue to be ill-treated under a lady mayor,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She said men are fighting for men and therefore the sister should fight for them. She blamed the lady mayor and the minister of women for their plight. “If they consider themselves as women, why are they not fighting for the rights of women?”

She decried the non-existence of transport allowance, risk allowance, salary increment and the endless harassment, bullying and threats.

“I have worked under different mayors and have some knowledge of the negativity of BCC top guns. They would not want to see their mothers, sisters, wives or daughters to work under such deplorable conditions. We are appealing to civil society organisations,National Assembly Members, Councillors, Minister of Women Affairs, Women’s Bureau, women groups and other gender-related institutions to come to our aid,” she appealed adding “we highly appreciate the efforts of CSOs in the recent legal battle with IEC.

Another lady wondered if it will be appropriate to describe the women’s minister, lady mayor, local government minister as ‘paper tigers or naive people in authority’

“People elected or appointed at BCC have no due consideration for our plight. Our immediate bosses can only make recommendations but do not possess approving power. It seems they are intoxicated with amnesties and under pressure to execute orders arrogantly. They are senseless because they should have been pressuring council authorities to increase our salaries and better our working conditions and general welfare.”

A lady chipped in and said: “They have been overcomedand consumed by the jujus and influence of Katim Touray and Mustapha Batchilly and their gang of wooden-hearted surrogates.”

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