The Deputy National Organizing Secretary of the main opposition United Democratic Party Ebrima Dibba has accused President Adama Barrow of lying to his supporters, when he (Barrow) said he had organized a protest march in 2016 to call for the release of the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe. “President Barrow’s statement claiming that he had led a protest march from Ousainou Darboe’s home to the American Embassy to demand for Darboe’s release is a lie, a blatant lie, Adama Barrow has never led such a protest march. Throughout his membership with the UDP, Barrow has never partake in any UDP protest march. He has always been a backbencher. There is no UDP protest video in which Barrow has been featured. He is just fooling his supporters, he is lying to them,” Dibba told Freedom radio Gambia.

Dibba’s rebuttal of Barrow’s statement followed Barrow’s claims that he had once led a protest march from Mr. Darboe’s pipeline home to present a petition to the United States Embassy to demand for Darboe’s release from prison.

Darboe was held in 2016 on charges of organizing a protest without a permit. He was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison. He got released after the fall of Jammeh in December of 2016.


According to Ebrima Dibba, Adama Barrow has always been a liability to the UDP. He has accused Barrow of using Darboe’s detention to raise funds for himself. He alleged that Barrow has been using the plight of Darboe’s family to beg money from party supporters and businessmen, only for Barrow to allegedly pocket such funds.

“Barrow should stop lying. We know the people who were on the forefront fighting for Gambia’s freedom. Barrow has never participated in our protest actions. When Darboe and co were going to court, Barrow was nowhere to be seen. He was always hiding at number 5 Perseverance street. Our supporters would storm the courthouse to show solidarity with Darboe and the other detainees,” Dibba remarked.

This past Wednesday Barrow granted a special interview to  his supporters. He spent four hours talking to them. He spoke about paying people to exhume dead bodies for ritual purposes just to secure Darboe’s release.

Dibba said Barrow was never assigned by Lawyer Darboe to exhume dead bodies. He also said Barrow was acting on his own and his statement was not presidential at all.

He has accused Barrow of smearing the image of Darboe and Darboe’s family.

“Another lie that Barrow told was, when he falsely claimed that he was the one in Darboe’s home to look after Darboe’s family. That is not true. When the soldiers raided Darboe’s home, Barrow ran and took shelter under the dinning table, he even broke the table stand. Lamin Cham took shelter at the bananas. Darboe’s daughter told Barrow not to lock the house gate. Barrow was nervous and scared. The women were braver than Barrow. Darboe’s family refused to be intimidated by the soldiers Barrow is chicken hearted,” Dibba remarked.

“I also want to debunk his lie against Darboe’s wife Mai Ndure. Mai Ndure never called Barrow to tell him Darboe was opposed to his candidature. That was a makeup lie. Barrow owes an apology to Mai Ndure. This lady is a God-fearing lady, honest lady, she has never interfered with the party’s activities,” Dibba added.

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