Gambia’s Muslim Cleric Bakawsu Fofana has issued an ultimatum and a death threat against one Musa Boto Saidy, a religious leader, who has branded local marabouts as “dogs and liars.” Touray, was reacting to President Barrow’s recent statement that he (President Barrow) prior to his accession to the Presidency, has paid graveyard watchmen to exhume dead bodies for ritual purposes just to secure the release of Ousainou Darboe from jail, Freedom Newspaper can report.  Darboe was charged for organizing a protest without permit.

Barrow told his supporters that he was advised by a local marabout to make such sacrifices for Darboe to be released from prison. Though, the rituals that the marabout’s had asked him to sacrifice, never worked.

Darboe was never released; he was jailed for the three years during Jammeh’s rule. He got released following the fall of Jammeh from power.


In a WhatsApp audio, Musa Boto Saidy, branded marabouts as good liars, not God fearing, and dogs. He hailed President Barrow for exposing the lies of the marabouts. He has also advised Barrow to turn his back at marabouts and rely on God to steer the affairs of the state.

In his reaction, Imam Bakawsu Fofona, speaking from his Casamance home, has called on President Adama Barrow to prevail on Musa Touray to stop insulting Muslim Clerics. Failure of which, he vowed that he (Imam Fofona) is going to lead his disciples on November 11th, 2021, to attack and kill Musa Touray.

“We are going to xxx him if doesn’t stop insulting Muslim Clerics. I am giving him an ultimatum: From now towards November 11th, 2021, if Musa Boto Saidy doesn’t stop insulting us, I will lead an assault attack against him, I am ordering my disciples to be on standby, I will be accompanied by my sons, and disciples to kill Musa Saidy. It is up to President Barrow to do the right thing and speak to Musa Saidy and advise him to stop insulting us. He should also consider expelling Musa from the country. Adama Barrow Musa must leave this country, or else, he would cease to live on earth,” the controversial Imam threatened.

Imam Fofona has also called on the Interior Minister, the police chief, other security heads, the West Coast Governor, and the local Chief, to intervene or otherwise, he said, he is going to lead an assault team to kill Musa Saidy.  He called on Imam Fatty and co for failing to disavow Musa Saidy’s reprehensible conduct.

“If his wife tries to obstruct us, we will xxx her, if his disciples try to obstruct us, we will xxx them. His verbal assaults against us will not continue. He is at the age of my son. November 11th is deadline. If he doesn’t quit insulting his fellow marabouts, we will kill him. President Barrow take note,” Fofona warned.

Musa Boto Saidy lives in Tujereng. He has called on Gambians to stay away from marabouts. “They are bunch of liars, deceivers. I have stopped doing marabout work for people. It is unislamic,” he said.

An angry Imam Bakawsu Fofona warns that Musa’s days are numbered.

“Musa I am taking making this swear: Belai, Walai, Tali, now towards November 11th, if Adama Barrow didn’t expel you from the country, I will lead my disciples to attack you, on that day, you will find yourself to the next world. I will lead all my disciples to come for you Musa Boto Saidy. The day we are going to execute the operation, it would come as a surprise to the CIDS, the CIDS wouldn’t know the date. My son is at the age of 15 years, he and my disciples would accompany me to your home, we are coming for you, get ready,” Imam Fofona warns.

“When we come you must surrender. All kind of traditional weapons that are used during a fight, we will use it when we descend at your home. If your first wife Isatou tries to stop us, she would be together with your kids, your disciples will also be xxx,” Imam Fofona threatened.

Imam Fofona notes that Musa Saidy wouldn’t dare to insult religious leaders in Senegal, Mali, Guinea Bissau, and Guinea Conakry.  He warned that the only thing that avert their planned assault attack against Saidy is for Saidy to quit insulting them or President Barrow expelling him from the country.

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