President Adama Barrow has been exposing the leader of Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe, describing him as a greedy stingy man, who would refused to use his own funds to bankroll the UDP candidates, who contested the past Parliamentary elections. “Each UDP candidate was supposed to pay a deposit of D5000 dalasis before they could run as MPS. There were 44 of them. After paying for the 44 candidates, Darboe came to my office, asking me to refund him. He told me that he borrowed someone’s money to sponsor the UDP candidates. At first, I thought he was joking. But during one of our foreign trips, Darboe sent someone to me to say that I should refund him the money,” Barrow told his supporters.

The President said he has no other alternative other than giving D220,000 dalasis to Mr. Darboe by refund the purported money he borrowed.

“He is a stingy man; he doesn’t want to use his money to support the UDP candidates. I had to pay for the deposit of the UDP candidates,” Barrow remarked.


Barrow said he also financed the UDP MPS’s campaign, amounting to several thousands of dalasis. He added that Lamin Cham can bear him witness.

Barrow says his problem with Darboe stemmed from Darboe’s plans to hijack the Presidency from him.

“He wanted my post, but I refused. He was in a hurry, he wanted to assume the Presidency so bad. If he had acted right, I would have step aside and give him chance to taste the Presidency.  The second reason is: They were very disrespectful towards me. I have seen people close to him writing pieces on Newspapers, insulting me, saying false things about me. I showed him the papers, but he said this was news to him. But he did not do anything to resolve the issue. I am a tolerant person, but I will not allow anyone to disrespect me,” Barrow said.

The Gambian leader also did not spare Ya Kumba Jaiteh, the nominated member of Parliament.

“I did not know Ya Kumba Jaiteh. Her name was submitted to me for consideration for the position of a nominated MP. Lamin Cham told me about her. I nominated her as MP. After nominating her, she begged me to pardon his father, who was serving time at the mile two prison. I pardoned his father; he was released from prison. They never wrote to me to thank me for pardoning her father, she never thanked me for nominating her as MP. I did this in good faith without expecting any praises from them,” Barrow remarked.

According to Barrow, he also nominated Mariam Denton as the Speaker of the National Assembly. Mrs. Denton was part of the UDP at the time of her nomination. Barrow added that the seat of Deputy Speaker also goes to the UDP.

“Despite all these, they weren’t grateful to me. They were bent on undermining me,” Barrow said.

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