The leader of opposition Gambia Moral Party Mai Fatty has threatened to sue one Hajie Jaiteh for defamation of character. This followed Mr. Jaiteh’s claims that Fatty has allegedly defrauded him D345,000 in a purported land sale transaction between two of them. He has accused Fatty of selling him a land that doesn’t belong to Fatty.

Mai Fatty has categorically denied the allegations, describing it as false and defamatory.


“My attention was drawn to this and a while ago, I responded on my Facebook page, the response is there, and I don’t want to be dragged into this sort of things. You know Pa, what is happening now, we are in a political season and our politics have degenerated to a level, where Gambians are inventing in trying to score political points where they do not exists,” the GMC leader told Freedom radio Gambia in an interview on Sunday.

“So, we do not want to perpetuate this kind of fabrications and misrepresentation, but I will be very clear here: One, I have not sold any property to any Hajie. Number two, he did not pay any money to me, he should have shown the receipt if he did. And number three, there was no false pretense on my behalf towards him. In order word, I did not sell him any property. I did not own any property at any whatever point he is talking about. So, it is quite clear, this is a clear case of misrepresenting facts that are not accurate, and if he had any truthfulness in what he said contained in an affidavit, I think The Gambia, we have a court of law, the judiciary exists, the media is very important but it is used to blackmail politicians like me, because we do not have the luxury or the advantage to bandit words with people who would like to spend all of their time, trying to drag us into the mud,” he added.

Speaking to us earlier through an interpreter, one Alhagie Jamanka, Hajie Jaiteh, who lives in Spain, said he was the one, who gave a power of attorney to his grandfather Edrisa Jaiteh to file a criminal complaint to the police against Mai Fatty.

“My grandfather is yet to file a complaint with the police. Mai has asked me to give him one week to settle the money. Failure of which, I will take him to the police. He said he is a politician, and he doesn’t want to be exposed to the public. He has asked to be given time to settle the money,” Jaiteh claimed.

According to Mr. Jaiteh, he bought the land from a land dealer, who allegedly represented Mr. Fatty during the sale transaction, but Fatty has denied having any dealings with Jaiteh.

“Mr. MBai, I would not want to further amplify this matter in the media. I have stated clearly that there is no legal relationship between me and anybody as such and whatever allegations that they may have or whatever claims that they may have if they are justifiable, I think there is process that can take place, but I have not received any money from Jaiteh. So, Jaiteh can say all he wants to say, the matter I have forwarded for legal consultation, and we will do what is appropriate. I think this is highly defamatory, it is a fabrication, and it is improper, it is wrong, it is wrong to take advantage of people, because they are public figures, and they have a lot to loose by attacking their integrity. This is highly political. It is politically machinated, and I would just stop at that point. I have a lot of respect for you, and that is why when I listen you, I tried to connect but the connection was bad. When I saw your message, I thought courtesy demands that respond to someone like this especially you have history during the struggle. That’s why, but this is all I will say at this point,” Fatty remarked.

“The matter is under legal consultation and of course being a lawyer, when you have a matter yourself, you forward it to your colleagues.  I am waiting for what they will advise but I can assure you that this defamatory, let them produce documentation that shows that they have a  transaction with me, I know that I have acted in a certain capacity, several times as a lawyer because I am still a lawyer, I do some soliciting, I do some legal work paperwork and I do that on behalf of clients, but I will not go into those details because whatever information I may have on behalf of any client, I may act on, would be proprietary to that client,” Lawyer Fatty added.

Meanwhile, Hajie Jaiteh, has said he bought the land while on a vacation in The Gambia.

“I bought the land this August. I later found out that the land was sold to two people. I was told that the original owner of the land is one Musa Badjie, a former Gambian soldier, I was told that Musa Badjie was indebted to Mai Fatty, and Mai Fatty decided to sell his land. Badjie had already sold the land to another person before I bought it. I was told that Musa Badjie is currently living in Qatar. I want my money back. I don’t need any land from Mai Fatty,” Jaiteh remarked.

Mai Fatty wouldn’t want to entertain any further questions on Hajie Jaiteh’s claims. He said he was waiting for  his attorney’s advice on the next line of action to be taken to seek legal redress in court.

“I did not sell any property to any person called Hajie Jaiteh. Number two, Hajie did not pay any money to me, let alone D345,000 dalasis and there no transaction that involves Mai Ahmed Fatty and Haji Jaiteh. It is a misrepresentation,” Fatty stated.

Jaiteh told Freedom radio that he has in his possession the land transaction documents.

“The documents that that they gave me is fraudulent. I later found out that the land was sold under Mai’s instruction. I bought it from a land dealer, who represented Mai during the sale,” Hajie Jaiteh alleged.

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