The spokesperson of the APRC United Kingdom branch Lamin Tamba has resigned with immediate effect. Tamba, in a Facebook posting said: “ I no longer represent the UK branch of the APRC as its spokesperson. I resigned last evening but still a member of the branch,” Tamba wrote.

“I cannot sell damaged goods. I will focus on the “NAM” and rescue the APRC and Gambia, for now,” he added.

Tamba’s resignation followed disagreements he had with the APRC’s main Executive’s move for their party to form a merger with Barrow’s NPP party. Tamba is opposed to the merger. He accused Barrow of having trust issues. He isn’t happy with the party’s decision to back Barrow’s reelection bid.


“ One APRC executive member admits to have never spoken to Jammeh. He cannot tell us how he knows Jammeh approved the dodgy NPP deal. I suspect his colleagues in NEC may be in a similar quagmire #time,” Tamba wrote on his Facebook page.

Mr. Tamba, who has been on tirade against the APRC executive notes that the APRC move amounts to committing a political suicide. He says Barrow wouldn’t respect the so-called agreement that he reached with the APRC.

“As a member of the “NO Alliance Movement (NAM), I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the 1000s of the people who are getting the courage to speak out against the suspicious alliance with NPP, after 2 months of bullying and intimidation,” Tamba remarked.

The founding father of the APRC party Yahya Jammeh hasn’t yet commented publicly on the APRC/NPP merger. The APRC Executive under the leadership of Fabakary Tombong Jatta said they have been cleared by Jammeh for the APRC to form alliance with the NPP. However, some supporters of the APRC are bit apprehensive with the Executive’s claims. They have been challenging the Executive to produce proofs that Jammeh has given his blessing to the APRC/NPP merger venture.

Jammeh has been living in exile in Equatorial Guinea since January of 2017. His supporters have been calling for his home return.

Under the APRC/NPP merger agreement, according to Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Jammeh would be allowed to return home if Barrow is reelected into office. Jatta also said the APRC would be included in Barrow’s government. Though, he hasn’t produce the paperwork of the agreement that his party had signed with the NPP. It was just a word of mouth from Jatta.

It is not clear if the purported MOU agreement is legally binding to the parties concerned. Observers warned that in the absence of a legally binding MOU, Barrow could walk away from the MOU as he did in the 2016 coalition government MOU.

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