Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

The APRC Deputy Leader Ousman Rambo Jatta has debunked claims made by the NPP Administrative Secretary Mambanyick Njie, who told the Banjul based Standard Newspaper that Jammeh’s home return was not part of the agreement that the two political parties had signed to form a political merger, Freedom Newspaper can report. Jatta says Njie’s statement was not only false, but misleading. He said Mambanyick wasn’t present when the agreement was signed and the statement that has been attributed to him by the Standard was false.  “Mambanyick Njie wasn’t part of the merger talks. What he told the Standard was false and misleading.  Jammeh’s home return was indeed part of the agreement we signed. The agreement was witnessed by two people officials from the APRC, and another two from Barrow’s NPP camp. Mambanyick was not present when the MOU was signed,” Rambo Jatta told the Star FM radio.

The Standard Newspaper in its Wednesday lead story quoted Mambanyick Njie, the NPP Administrative Secretary as having said that the purported Jammeh home return agreement that was announced by the APRC Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta was not part of the agreement signed.


“The NPP has a political arrangement with the APRC in terms of politicking and how to win the election and not the issue of Jammeh coming back because that is not NPP’s responsibility but the Gambia Government,” the Standard Newspaper quoted Mambanyick Njie of having said.

According to Rambo Jatta, Mambanyick Njie, has denied making the said statement. He has accused the Standard Newspaper of gutter journalism. He alleged that the paper’s goal was to undermine the APRC/NPP alliance.

“I have spoken to Mambanyick Njie. He has denied saying what the Standard Newspaper has reported. He said he never told them that Jammeh’s return was not part of the agreement we signed with the NPP. The Standard has misquoted Mambanyick. This is a paper that is dying to make sales and has resorted to slanting its interview with Mambanyick. The story was distorted, completely false and unfounded. The Standard has been fun of doing such misreporting. I think they are out to derail the APRC/NPP alliance by spreading misinformation,” Jatta remarked.

“Three of the demands that we put across weren’t negotiable and they are: Jammeh’s home return if Barrow wins the elections, the APRC to be part of the new government, and national reconciliation. I am calling on our supporters to be calmed.  Mambanyick Njie never told the Standard that Jammeh’s home return is not part of the agreement we reached with the NPP.  The Standard is lying.  It is a fabricated story, intended to sell their paper. What they reported is false, it is not true,” Jatta added.

Mr. Jatta says the APRC/NPP political merger has caused panic among political parties in the country. He has accused their detractors of trying to undermine the merger.

“They are all taking. They are worried about our merger. You have heard the likes of Ismaila Ceesay talking about our merger. Mama Kandeh has on numerous occasions tried to rally the APRC to form an alliance with his party. They are not happy because we didn’t join them,” Rambo Jatta said.

Rambo Jatta has also said that the document currently going round purporting about an agreement the APRC has signed with the NPP is a fake document.

”They are trying to provoke  us to disclose the MOU we signed, that will never happen. We will never share the MOU with anyone. The 2016 MOU was never shared. Do they think that we are fools? We are not going to share the MOU,” Rambo Jatta remarked.

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