It pinches my heart when I read or watch government and international organizations raining condemnations to coup leaders in Africa even when  they failed in their effort  to rescue the oppressed from the oppressors. Shockingly, they ( states and international organizations) would continued diplomatic relations with the oppressors while the citizens would be sailing in the  river of hardship and inhumane treatments from the government they legally elected into offices. However, one could argue  that  election is  not  the only means of representing the will and aspiration of the vulnerable masses. Even coup d’état could be,  but only when the need arises as the last resort of hope to the vulnerable masses. The only form of coup d’état that should not be accepted and must be frown upon is the one supported by the west to install a puppet with the sole aim of dancing to their tune in the detriment of the Africans. For example, Patrice Lumumba’s bloody coup was unjustifiable because it was not done in the interest of Congolese’s, but rather the West, particularly America and Belgium. Moreover,  election could be the nicest way of electing leaders but not the only best way of removing them from power when they keep self-perpetuating themselves in  power. Any president who fails to serve the will and aspiration of his/her people should be kick out either via the ballot or the bullet. For instance,  in the context of Guinea the sound of the bullet work perfectly in the interest of the vulnerable masses at the most apportune time. Some African leaders could not hear the sound of the ballot due to certain factors beyond the control of the citizenry.

Taking Guinea as a reference, despite all the resistance the former president Alpha Condé and his government faced from the Guineans they (the masses) never had their dream fulfill via legal means until one faithful Sunday morning, 5th September, 2021 when the populace woke up with the news that dictator Alpha Condé has been overthrown by the special forces of the army led by Colonel Mamady Dumbuya. One could justify this  only if one  put him/her feet in the shoes of the vulnerable Guineans  and know the realities on the ground. This is sure due to the fact that one could hear the tumultuous welcome given to the Special Forces as they drove to the Radio Television de Guinea (RTG) in Koluma while sandwiching Dictator Alpha Condé in their car. The dancing and jubilation could be heard in all the nook and cranny of the the country with the exception of  Kankan. Observing the actions of the masses and the happiness on their faces forced me to recollect the enormous joy I had when former president Yaya Jammeh lost  the 2016 election to the coalition led by President Adama Barrow.


Kankan is not elated by this incident because it is the  political base of Alpha Conde where he has instilled the culture of tribal politics in the heart of  his tribe (Malenke) who are the dominant tribe  in that  region. It is where  the leader of UFDG Cellou Dallin Jallow was barred to enter  by the supporters of Alpha Condé during the 2020 election. Fairly, he ( Dictator Alpha Condé) should not even be part of the contestants under the constitution he was elected in 2010 which clearly states two term limit for the presidency , but due to greed for power, which is a disease to many African head of states,  he intentionally made a constitutional coup d’état to self-perpetuate himself in power without the willingness of the masses. This action faced lot of condemnation and heavy protests, but didn’t yield  result  for these genuine and patriotic citizens as many innocent young Guineans lost their lives and others jailed for exercising their constitutional right to protests.

Guinea was on the verge of dying as she was strangled by rampant corruption, bad governance, no respect for the rule of law, state  sanctioned killings, banditry, exiled tribalism, nepotism, favoritism, injustices, poor infrastructures and lack of freedoms, but thanks to the sound of the bullet,  the hands of the dictatorial regime led by Alpha Condé the throat of the  beautiful girl (Guinea) rich in minerals has been loosen and could breathe the cold breeze emanating from her rich and green mountains. A new wave of hope has been brought by the sound of the bullet of the special forces of the Army under the dynamic leadership of Mamady Dumbuya. I am  praying to the creator of creature who has the divine powers to keep the spirit of truth and guide Mamady Dumbuya and his team in realizing their dream of uniting Guineans, respect for the rule of law, eradicating corruption, poverty, nepotism favoritism and make sure that there is justices, liberty and prosperity for all Guineans irrespective of tribe, religion and political affiliation as soon as possible.

God bless the Republic of Guinea, God bless Africa.

Abdoulie Nelson Jallow (The ghetto youth President),

Political science student, University of The Gambia.

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