“All this issue about Yahya Jammeh coming back with central to the agreement, you know, it is just mere fantasy because we know that the issue for Yahya Jammeh coming back is the not the responsibility of a political party or the responsibility of The Gambian government.  For Yahya Jammeh to come back, everybody knows that some processes and proceedings have to be followed by The Gambia government for that to happen,” Mambanyick Njie, the Administrative Secretary of the National People’s Party (NPP) told the Standard Newspaper in a recent interview.

“So, the agreement we have, is an agreement between political parties. It is not an agreement between The Gambia government and the APRC,” Njie added.

Njie’s statement followed the signing of a merger between President Barrow’s NPP and dictator Jammeh’s APRC Party. The APRC’s key demands per the memorandum of understanding (MOU) that it signed with the NPP include: the return of Jammeh into the country if Barrow wins the elections, according to Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the APRC interim leader. Jatta also says the APRC was also supposed to be part of the Barrow if Barrow is reelected. The promotion of national reconciliation was also part of the agreement that the APRC signed with the NPP, he said.


Mr. Njie, who has earlier claimed that he was misquoted by the Standard reporter, has since admitted that the Standard publication was indeed accurate and has taken full responsibility for his statements.

He told the Barrow media network that he was misquoted. He decided to walk back from his Standard interview.

Njie was taped by the Standard reporter during that interview. He told the Standard that the NPP/APRC merger agreement has nothing to do with The Gambian government.

“The APRC has not been deregistered. They have the right to enter into a coalition with any political party including the NPP because whatever agreement we have with the APRC is related to a political agreement. It is related to election; it is related to campaigning,” he added.

Njie has been coming under fire since the publication of the Standard story. He has been accused of trying to undermine the NPP/APRC political merger.

Mr. Njie is yet to apologize to the NPP leadership for his political fumble. He hasn’t either apologized to the Standard Newspaper.

The Standard Newspaper has defended its publication. The paper’s Editor Lamin Cham and reporter Omar Bah said they have stood by the story. They maintained that Mr. Njie was never misquoted as falsely implied.

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