Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has hailed the NPP/APRC political merger saying it is going to help facilitate his reelection into office, Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Barrow was speaking at a meeting at Bakadaji, in the Upper River Region of The Gambia. Barrow told his supporters that with the APRC backing his reelection Presidential bid, coupled with four other opposition parties, he is rest assured that victory is his come the December 4th Presidential elections.

“This has never happened in the world. A former ruling political party that has been defeated by an incumbent President in an election, and the same party teaming up with the incumbent President that defeated them to back his reelection Presidential bid; that’s something new in the world. This has never happened in the world; it only happened in The Gambia.  Therefore, Dembo By Force Bojang, and our national Executive, you have gotten something that has never happened in the world, you should be grateful and thankful to God. We are very, very, lucky,” said Barrow.


President Barrow is being backed by five political parties: the NRP, the PPP, NCP, GPDP and the APRC.

He has thanked Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his APRC colleagues for forming a merger with his party, the NPP.

“Our detractors, our haters, couldn’t sleep on Saturday when the political Bomb was released. The APRC/NPP alliance had given our detractors sleepless nights. My special thanks to the APRC leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta and the APRC. We are now together, and victory is ours come December,” Barrow remarked.

Barrow’s meeting was graced by thousands of people. He praised Alhagie Bubu Drammeh for his pivotal role in pulling such a huge crowd for his Bakadaji meeting.

“This election would be decided by The Gambian youths. I strongly believe that the youths have decided. They are in support of the NPP.  They will vote for the NPP,” Barrow remarked.

Barrow has urged the youths to be vigilant and avoid being fooled by dodgy politicians. He spoke about the NPP’s plans to prepare a solid development foundation for the country, in which the youths would take over the leadership of the country.

“This election is going to be a referendum for The Gambia. It would be referendum for development or retrogress. I don’t think the youths of this country would want to see a retrogress Gambia,” said President Barrow while stressing the need for Gambians to rally behind the NPP, so that a stable, developed and progressive Gambians would be built.

Barrow has extended an olive branch to what he called his “enemies” to join him to work towards the development of the country.

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