Indeed blood is thicker than water, but actions speakslouder than voice.

Hon. Sanna Jawara Facebook Post just went viral for the wrong reasons!!!

The recent development in our political arena has brought together political parties to form an alliance. PPP has declared to be part of this alliance. I can only imagine what Sir Dawda would have done if given the choice to join forces with alleged perpetrators at the cost of justice and human rights for victims most of whom suffered because of the fight to reinstate the love for democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law that he instilled in them and championed across the world”. Sanna Jawara


Hon. Sanna Jawara Perhaps is ignorant of his history otherwise, he and others would not ask such a question. He either deliberately ignores the most significant part of the Book relevant to the subject, for if he does, he will come to find out that it was Sir Dawda who first reconciled with former President Yaya Jammeh.

It should be noted that Former President Yaya Jammehwas the Chief Guest of Honour at the launching of Sir Dawdas Book the “KAIRABA” see picture below. After their reconciliation, Sir Dawda attended most of the state events with Former President Yaya Jammeh was no secret in the Gambia.

It will be interesting for the readers to understand that the PPP, at no time ever makes any demand for Sir Dawda to returned home. You will come to find out later how it happened.

Sir Dawda is not vindictive, I refer Sanna Jawara and everyone else asking this question to page to page 429 chapter 32 (Reconciliation and homecoming)  KAIRABA

The late Sir Dawda and Former president Yaya Jammehspoke over the phone for the first time in 2001.

“Early in the morning of 31 august 2011, the phone rang. I answered and it was Abdoulie Kujabi at the other of the line. He greeted me in elaborate style in Mandinka, full of respect and witticism. Abdoulie Kujabi asked me to stay on the line- President Jammeh wanted to speak with me. The President was obviously in high spirits and broke immediately into a casual conversation asking after my health and family and paying all the customary courtesies. He said I was his father and continued to refer to me in those endearing terms for the rest of the conversation.

In the end, he stated the essential reason for his call, which was to make a formal request for me to end my exile and come home to my people. He told me the government was ready to give me back all my properties, which, he said, would have long been sold off had he not considered that they belong to his father, a man who had worked for many years for his country.

In consideration of my enormous contribution to my country and advised I should take his offer. He asked that I should forget the past; what had happened had happened and he concluded by saying that Allah was a witness to the truth that he was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

President Jammeh drew the conversation to a close with jovial small talk that we continue to exchange. We laughed together and we were bidding each other goodbye when he asked me to hold the line”. Kiaraba

This points to the fact that Sir Dawda was a man of peace and strongly believed in a dialog to foster reconciliation. Sir Dawda Reconciliation with Former President YayaJammeh was not popular, he too was highly criticized some of his aides felt betrayed I have spoken to some of them. Somewhere worried about his safety others said reconciliation with Yaya Jammeh at the time was an endorsement of APRC regime

“Others averred that my return would mean an endorsement of the regime. I told the press in a short interview after that historic meeting that the president’s gesture and my return should contribute greatly to nationalreconciliation and harmony”.  Kairaba

With all the criticism, Sir Dawda finally agreed to reconcile with Yaya Jammeh based on the advice of Hon. Omar Amadou Jallow. OJ, urged him to accept the offer that he heard reactions from some people urging him not to accept, but OJ advised him that he should never be swayed by those opinions. “He said my peace of mind and my homecoming from a long exile were more important. Omar Jallow was one of the more trustworthy contacts I still had on the ground in Banjul. I found no reason to doubt his reading of the situation”. Kairaba

If anything had happened to Sir Dawda after his returned, OJ would have been responsible, therefore those attacking OJ be aware and understand your history.

Despite Sir Dawda’s reconciliation with President Yaya Jammeh, the PPP as a party under the leadership of Hon. Omar Amadou Jallow never waiver to fight the APRC regime. The PPP was fighting a system of government that was against our party values. Our fight was not for the PPP government or to put someone in office it was a battle to free our people. I think it is high time for Gambians to appreciate that.

Former President Yaya Jammeh met with Sir Dawda

“On Monday 24th June 2002, at 2:30 pm, I walked up the steps to my former office after nearly eight years away. President Jammeh was in a white gown and neck scarf and hat. I immediately sensed a genuine welcome in our embraced before we sat down to a warm and open conversation. He seemed to fit well into his surroundings and to command a presence within it.

Alone in a close-door meeting we went over the territory we had covered during the telephone conversation and in the end assured each other that we had arrived at perhaps the best thing for the government, for me, for him, and, best for all, for the image of the country. President Jammeh reiterated that it did not do the Gambia any good for me to continue to live in exile. He said it was important to recognize someone who had worked all his life for his country. I told the press in a short interview after that historic meeting that the president’s gesture and my return should contribute greatly to national reconciliation and harmony”.  

I will sincerely advise Hon. Sanna, to stop using his family in politics, Sir Dawda would not appreciate that. For Sannato say the PPP should stop using Sir Dawda’s name is ridiculous, it is also an assault on democracy. It is my opinion that every Gambian has the right to associate or disassociate with Sir Dawda’s name, for he was not only a public servant but former president for 30yrs. Sir Dawda’s legacy will continue to be the subject of public debate on both angles.

The legacy of the PPP is not owned by Sir Dawda. He happened to be our leader at the time, as a result, we must reference him.  Sir Dawda and PPP cannot be separated.

Sanna might find it difficult to explain why he is in UDP while PPP is still in existence.  People like Sanna should be the last person to say anything negative to the PPP, for he had chosen to be in the UDP.  

“If Blood is thicker than water” but Sanna failed to promotethe legacy of his blood and opted to defend UDP. So how is blood thicker than water on his preaching, and base on what justification?

The APRC and NPP alliance is a step in the right direction for National reconciliation, to promote One Gambia, One People, and One Nation for progress and development, and Sir Dawda was the first who showed us the way. Additionally, the main objective of the TRRC was to promote healing and national reconciliation.

Kebba Nanko

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