MELVILLE ROBERTS – OPINION: The APRC and the NPP have absolute rights to align with whomever they wish both singularly and collectively is a travesty, and a clear violation of decent democratic norms everywhere.

By Badou Faal

Jammeh would not have dared commit those atrocities you mentioned if he did not have the tacit support of APRC members. They are all guilty by association and must repent andbe severely reprimanded by equal measure. They were cowards then and they are cowards now! They have no place in Gambian politics based on decency, justice, and fair play for all. As Dr Martin Luther King Jr said “for evil people to commit evil deeds, it is only sufficient that [so called] good people stand by and watch! By this measure your argument seem contrived and woolly.  In Mandinka, this translates into “a Person of responsible age who is standing in the dark corner, and out of view, with intent to commit a crime, in the satisfaction that ‘I am so well camouflaged nobody can see me, now I can go ahead and pounds on that hapless person approaching me and have my wicked ways with them  in the knowledge that no one will ever know I had done it “! Well the old man’s answer to him was well, if indeed you are convinced that nobody can see you commit the crime, just think again, because I am certain that at least one person has actually seen you; at this  the perpetrator challenged the wise old woman to reveal the identity of the witness, for he was 100% certain that his cover was full proof and tight and no one, however sharp eyed  would have seen him lurking in the dark. The rest as they say is history, because at the juncture the old man had begun to lose patience with him, and pointing to the perpetrator, said, even if in truth nobody else saw you commit your act, let us just say at least you saw yourself do it, and that is so even if as you were committing your crime, you had your eyes closed! You still witnessed yourself in the act.


The morale of the fable, of course is that every adult is responsible for the choices they make, whether it be lurking in the dark with intent, or joining a murderous political party.

In this case all APRC members (and now the NPP hierarchy also, by association) could be reasonably held to be jointly and severally liable for Monster Jammeh’s murderous rampages. To drive this idea home, just imagine for a moment that on committing his first murder, rape false imprisonment, and other heinous crimes Monster Jammeh was, in response, deserted by all, or even half of his followers, simple self-preservation would have acted as a very strong deterrent to him from continuing to commit even more crime against humanity, not to mention, liquidating the fairly successful Gambia Commercial and Development Bank, depositing the proceeds into personal bank accounts, and replacing that institution with one that he controlled, and would loot continuously, before later turning his looting hands to the Central Bank, which he gutted, not to mention all the women and young girls, and may be even boys, that he, and his cronies violated, and schoolies who were doing nothing more than exercising their democratic right to free assembly with much impunity  – talk about the legal right for TWILIDO, and TWILIDON’T political parties to merge, or associate as being democracy of some sort – in the face of such a massive denial of democracy resulting on 14 children’s’ lives being cut short, some of which should have come of age now, and who knows what potential had been lost to their families, and in deed to the nation as a whole. for any one of those could have contributed to the development of a home-grown vaccine against Covid 19, or otherwise make a unique and significant contribution to national development in other ways.

Thinking of it this way, it is in the national interest that APRC be banned, and NPP shunned or severely reprimanded for sleazily flirting with the most brutal regime the Gambia has ever known, period!        

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