By Badou Faal

This in obviously a character assassination job by an author with no respect his, or her readers intelligence to cut through the glaringly obvious obfuscations, lies, insinuations, and innuendos, and even threat to any reader who dare use his head to cut through the junket of seemingly factual material in an African context to arrive at the truth.

Jucket (a pleasure excursion#1):  Received a brown envelope in China from all the dubious loans he and Amadou Sanneh secured in our name.


Someone say: Sorry to disappoint you, but China does not give out Brown Paper bags ever; not if you are talking about the Peoples Republic of China. China is too big, too rich, to give bribes. It can buy off anything it wants, at any price, but only through the right channels, and, unlike most places in Africa it has almost full proof and robust enforcement systems to ensure that was the case! If you ever can secure a brown paper back from any official of the Peoples Republic, please keep the bag and its content tight and secure, for, believe me such a rarity will fetch millions, and millions of Dollars at auction, which makes this your assertion nothing more than a pleasure trip, or as say a wank, period!

Jucket (a pleasure excursion#2) …Still owes D2 million in tax evasion to the state.

Someone say: A staggering accusation if it can be proven that the old man had settled with the Tax Office before you went on your character assassination tirade. And if so, there is absolutely no point to your finger pointing in that direction, other than on the one hand to insult your readers intelligence, on the other to engage in another hidden pleasure excursion. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on this being just another wank, with no potential to bear any fruit what so ever, but a smear campaign against an old man whose unique personality and valuable offerings you don’t like, but are too afraid to take your case to God, so like a coward, you choose to take it to people with all their prejudices, likes, and dislikes, just like you. But highly competent and able people are never nice. Jesus was not nice, at least as far as the high priests and noble men were concerned, and their followers, that explains why he was impaled. Both Martin Luthers were not nice, for one was ex-communicated, and the other was shot. People generally are not nice. Biscuits are nice and that is why people eat them. Some people can also be described as having some charm, and whilst that may be a good asset to have for a politician, the downside for the voting public though, can be that charmer a rarely truthful, further even though charming words can sooth a troubled heart, again are in rarely true. By the same token smiling politicians rarely speak the truth. For example, this trait which was evident at the beginning of your thinly veiled demolition job on an old man’s character whom, you know emphatically, could not respond back to your bullying without making a fool of himself. i.e., do not argue with a fool, for people might not notice the difference thing!

And offence is always more believable than defense!   Na shakarra!

Jucket (a pleasure excursion#) As VP, he diverted doctors to Bansang hospital that were earmarked for other hospitals.

Somebody say: What would you have done if you were a VP who is acute aware of shortages of doctors in the one provincial Hospital for a catchment area of a radius of approximately half of the Country.  What action did you take in your current position to match of better the old man’s decision to incentivize Doctors to take up residence in such a provincial Hospital mile. Well just in case you don’t know, leadership is about taking hard decisions, taking the rap so to speak in order that other people’s lives can be bettered, not as you think, being Mr. nice guy, a smooth talker, who simply leaves thing exactly as how he found them or a with no results to show for it. As Martin Luther King JR, Nelson Mandela, and Ghandi show, progress, even of the smallest kind, is brought about not by sleaze, insinuations, and character assassinations, or kicking the can further down the road, but by unpopularity contest, and often involves sacrifice, sometimes sorrow, tears and even loss. But persistence wins the day, not taking short cuts through bribery and corruption. Therefore, you can never extract a Brown Paper bag from a member of the Chinese Communist Party. They prefer progress and prosperity for the Chinese nation far more than tiresome sleaze etc.  The conclusion remains and unfortunately, It’s another Junket award for you!

Jucket (a pleasure excursion#all others are too ordinary, too painfully subjective, if not outright disrespectful, one would think you were writing about Monster Jammeh, whom, obviously hated Darboe so much he disappeared him in jail.)

Somebody say: First you could level all of the rest of the charges selectively or even collectively at any Gambian adult male and the mud would sure stick at Your strategy here was to use the good old mudslinging tactic. But it failed. Right thinking people can see right through that. For example, if I can ask you a direct question: Have you stopped beating your wife? What will be your answer? I your answer is yes I have stopped eating my wife, that would not do for nobody would believe you. Equally, if you answer was, how dare you? I have absolutely never beaten my wife ever! That would not do either, for nobody would belief you. That demonstrates the power of mudslinging, a tactic you used with ruthless regularity throughout your totally unproven, mudsling exercise. I hope you had a real good wash afterwards! 

But seriously I besiege you to get a grip of yourself if you can, and to and show some respect. This man is probably old enough to be your father, or even grandfather, I don’t know. His style might not be your cup of tea, and he might not have what you personally are looking for in a leader but know this if you will. He has many supporters and followers. No, I am not one of them, necessarily, but I recognize that he can make quite unique contribution to mine, and probably your kids’ lives (if any) if given the chance. Moreover, unlike you I was brought up to respect, rather than to disrespect, and demonise someone, whom, like you I am hardly know. He is not the most charming politician on the block, not like Jammeh any way, but by Goli, he is sharp, and that I think is important given the mammoth task of nation building needed to bring everyone along on the way to prosperity.  Show some respect boy!! It’s the most important trait for nation building. Don’t let the system make you want to character assassinate you bother man, no dread no!

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