By Badou Faal

This is democracy’: NUP presidential candidate AEJ says nothing wrong with APRC allying with NPP.

Here we go again. Another seriously unprincipled Gambian politician with, apparently, nothing to lose whichever way the chips fall. Typical African petit bourgeois, let me guess with more than one wife! When a man has nothing to lose, he may be in great big humor, or tolerance, and even liberal about what are in essence nasty situations in which most of the humanity find themselves with respect to their overall experience with thieves, and vagabonds and tyrant in power, such as the founder and great socio-economic-politico- dislocator-in-chief Yahya Bibili Mansa was for 22 years. Do you guys realize what damage hadbeen visited upon the fabric of the Gambian socio-economic and political life in that period, by the APRC and its deraigned leader, and how many generations, now and in the future will be permanently left behind in terms of both realising their full potentials as human beings, vis-a-vis, Educational, Health, Work, and other life opportunities.


It’s alright for some though: it all sounds a bit too rich that Party Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh with his job opportunities can implicitly chastise those who will probably never ever have satisfied work for dissenting to an association between ALI BABA and the Forty thieves – the Alliance between APRC and NPP is certainly legal to the letter of the law, but it is neither legal by the spirit of the Law, not indeed legitimate. Would Party boss Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh, for example oversee an NUP alliance with the devil himself, or a party whose Leader infamously ran a team of assassins, who free admit to regularly murdering, harassments, rape, and false imprisonment of political opponents? Of course not, one would think so, but you never know; because that would make NUP as a mercenary party which can be used to ambush the population by splitting the oppositions parties votes sufficiently, and thus enable NPP-APRC party to be returned to their position as national looters!

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