The West African intervention force in The Gambia ECOMIG is treating the Daily News and Star FM publications on an alleged knife stabbing and attempted rape involving a 17-year Mankamang Kunda girl by an alleged ECOMIG soldiers as “fake news” that should just be disregarded. The ECOMIG official, who wished to be named said the said publications are devoid of the truth and had fallen what he called below journalistic fair, responsible reporting, and thorough research.  

“It is a fake news. I am telling you that as at last two weeks, a journalist called me on the same issue. I asked him whether any complaint has been filed with any police station and he said no. I asked the person what the identity of the alleged ECOMIC soldier is, he says it was alleged that when the incident happened, the individual fled. I asked him: So, how do you identify the person as ECOMIG soldier? Was he in uniform? He couldn’t tell. Have you go to the police station to verify, he said no. So, is it on hearsay that you are alleging that an ECOMIG soldier has stabbed an individual? You know, we as professional journalists can go beyond this rhetoric to conduct investigations so that what we present out there are facts, nothing but facts,” the ECOMIG officer remarked.

The Daily News Newspaper, which is owned by MP Madi Ceesay of the main opposition United Democratic Party, has reported on September 6th that one Oumou Mballow, a native of Sare Musa was allegedly stabbed by a man in ECOMIG uniform. The paper further alleged that the incident happened this past Thursday in Mankamang Kunda shortly after President Barrow had arrived at his home village. (Source:


“Njobo Jallow a brother to Mrs Mballow’s husband said the incident was shocking when it reached them.  He said the girl was on her way to Mankamang Kunda with her friends to welcome the arrival of President Barrow when the incident occurred,” the paper alleged.

The ECOMIG officer has recalled being once contacted by Yusuph Taylor of the Gainako Newspaper on the alleged Mankamang Kunda rape incident. He said Taylor couldn’t supply him with any reliable information that he could use to verify the veracity of the alleged attempted rape and knife stabbing.

“It has not come to the notice of the rank and file of ECOMIG. As I am telling you right now, that information I heard it the last two weeks, I have called around and I can tell you that it is just fake news,” he added.

“I am telling you from our point of view, this information came to my notice last two weeks from another journalist, who asking me about the same information, last two weeks. His name is Yusup Taylor. He works with the Gainako Newspaper.  It is one of those fake news that we should just disregard,” he added.

The Star FM had also reproduced the Daily News publication on its Facebook page on Monday.

The ECOMIG officer notes that the said publications are fake news that has been purely calculated to smear the image of the West African intervention force-ECOMIG.

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