By: Sheriff Janha, The CriterionPhilosopher

History accorded us a clear insight on how the nation of Islam was completely rendered to the ashes of ruined by virtue of a section whose intentions are for revenge in the dark clouds for Justice. All what was seen was the sight for revenge but they were blinded to the consequences of such emotions. When The third khalifa of Prophet Muhammad, Usman, was assassinated, those who felt that Justice should have been served by the New Leadership under Ali ibn Abi Talib created the greatest turbulence within the nation of Islam. Because the Leadership at the time refused to act according to the demand of such a group who felt their brother was killed unjustly, They then molded a public opinion which created Division, hatred and then eventually conflicts emerged within the nation. And that one intention created all the past and current divisions and conflicts in The Nation of Islam to date


Every action done today is the result of an act completed sometime in the past and hunt us in the future. And if we study history with the intention to learn its lessons, then all our actions will be guided by reason and rationality instead of following our blind passions.

Bringing that to our current reality, We had a Leadership that served for 22 years. After its mandate was brought to an end, Two Commissions were Established to;

1. Find out its financial dealings
2. Investigating its Human Right Violations

Both commissions concluded their work. The Former had revealed illegal financial dealings and mismanagement of public funds. Recommendations were made. What happened? Government acted on those it deemed relevant and threw away the rest which were deemed not necessary. Not much outcry was heard, except from few who felt such was bias, because by then most political parties were in bed with the government of the day and their militant were jovial with that motive. The assets of the former government were sold illegally and others mortgaged without due process of law. The scramble to grab greater property and more wealth became a center stage. Instead of flowing back the property and wealth of Jammeh into the national treasury, it was partitioned among “Themselves”.

The latter commission did all its work, revealed gross human rights violations and are now writing or already have written their Reports and recommendations. The irony is, fear and vestige interest is drifting the focus of the men charged with the task for such investigations. Prior to submitting their recommendations, conclusions and declarations were already made as to how such recommendations should have to go. All this is done to shape public opinion in order to drive their intentions home.

To go by In definition, Recommendations simply means a suggestion or proposal on what actions should be taken. And it is upto the person or institution such recommendations are made to to decide whether to accept it or to rejection. To assume that recommendations must be enforceable is equivalent to saying opinions must be binding on whom it is directed to. When has recommendation become an enforceable decision obligatory to be carried out by those on whom the recommendation is made to? This is sickness. Can we conclude that just by virtue of such notion, a disguise objective is perpetuated by those who were tasked with such responsibility other than Truth Seeking, Reconciliation and Reparation?

However, it appears as if these men have forgotten what the meaning of Recommendation is. When the commission on the faraba incident came with recommendations, was there any outcry of its lack of implementation? I knew none. Was it that those victims were of no value to the public? Probably it is.

The greatest disease of a nation is individual self-centred interest and ignorance. And when these became prevalent amongst those learned men and women, such a nation is on the march to its doom.

The truth is, There are few individuals in this country who thinks this country is there own commodity to decide as to how things should be. And so as long you are not part of their circle, you are not worth given the ear. They shape public opinions and no one’s opinion matters much. And whoever is in a counter position against their opinion would face vilification and condemnation. They feel their opinions are Devine and must be enforceable. This is arrogance to the highest degree. And such is dangerous in a country of diverse social and political  opinions added multicultural and multiethnic society.

In addition, Just as the Janneh commission was established to find out the Financial dealing of the Jammeh Government and to give recommendations, so it is with the TRRC to find out the Human Rights Violations of Jammeh Government and give recommendations. So, who said recommendations should be enforceable and must be implemented? Have you lost your definition of what recommendation is?

Paradoxically, to prove that they are genuine in this struggle, they decided on Reconciling Edward Singhateh with Sana Sabally. Other than this reconciliation meant for public eye, what other reconciliation did they do? What worns have they endeavoured to heal? Which victims have they comforted? Which divided section of society have they tried to unite? All I see is a deceptive way of using the pain of those victims and the human right violations done against them to exercibate the division and disunity of this country which is of no interests to this country and its destiny. These angry men are taking advantage of the “Plight of the Victims” to arrive at their goals.

They propagated in the media that “WE WANT TO GIVE JUSTICE TO THE VICTIMS” and another movement erupted chanting “JAMMEH TO JUSTICE”. My question is; How do you intent to give justice to the “VICTIMS”? By arraying JAMMEH and His LOYALISTS before a court and then JAILED. How does this give the victims Justice? Have you lost the meaning of what Justice is? Do you wish to portray that the victims are filled with vengeance and their heart can only be comforted when Perpetrators are seen punished severely? How are you better than one you described as a monster when you are seeking to do in return exactly what he did? Are you also suffering from the monster mentality? Are we bettered by that?

See, no human being is bettered by revenge. No victim’s plight is improved my killing or jailing his oppressor. No nation ever progress by harbouring themselves in the negatives of the past. Every history has two things to teach. A Warning to avoid and an Example to follow. Bringing down the ugly past means uniting the already divided people to institute institutions that would  built strong institutions and patriotic citizens who will rise up to build together a nation that will forever live in unity, peace, freedom, progress, dignity and prosperity. You don’t deal with the ugly past by creating an atmosphere for more hatred, wider division and deeper worns. This is wrong no matter the agenda you keep in your heart to achieve.

The fact is, there are individual elites who seeks to heal their hearts filled with revenge for what the 22 years of Jammeh’s ruled had denied them. They want to get back all what they lost (Wealth and power) and then have the people behind their lost get punished. They do not care anything about the victims. All they care about is themselves and what they can do to satisfy their own grieved hearts for vengeance. They hide behind “victims” so as to achieve their own peculiar selfish Interests far away from the Victim’s Plights and completely divorced from national interest. Any action that would warrant such goals to go in vain cannot be accepted by them and that action would be described as “Betrayal to the public” because they think they are the public. Their main Goal is to see “Jammeh and Loyalists to be Punished” nothing more or less. After all, which Elite will forgive a peasant who took over His power, destroyed His Empire and denied Him freedom? Not the Elite who is led by his blind passion for Retribution. No victim is bettered by the punishment of his or her culprit. No victim will be a hero by watching his or her culprit suffering in the name of jury.

The Gambia is our home land. Gambians are all brothers and sisters. And We should not allow any agenda disguised for justice to keep us further divided, to deepen our disunity and to breed much hatred and condemnation of one another. We should start to build that brotherly love and hold each other as brothers and sisters and work towards rebuilding a nation, generations will live to glorify. We must understand that the enemy’s joy is to see our disunity and hatred of one another. This is the only way they can rule us and keep us under their feet forever. Using one group against another, one tribe against, and one faith against another. They are always finding out differences to take advantage to further keep us divided and be at war with each other. A divided nation is a nation already conquered.

Thereforr, Negating one section of any society yields only greater differences and such only impede our progress as a nation. We all have a duty to this country and towards each other in order to shape a better nation that the ugly past will never allowed to repeat itself. Otherwise we will live to fail in that duty and remain to be a mockery of the future.

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