OJ supports NPP-APRC alliance, says anyone who is against forgiveness is not a Muslim

By Badou Faal

If this statement is right, then, equally, it is right to say that Allah has forgiven Jammeh and the APRC for their complicity in the murder of 14 innocent school children, at least one Finance Ministers, and numerous other disappearances, because, of course, Allah is whom Muslims pray to?   I beg to differ. I bet even the SWT Prophet Muhammed is disgusted with Jammeh and all the APRC Party members. Was it not Martin Luther King JR was wrote” … for evil men to commit their evil, it is sufficient that decent good men stand by and watch; stand by and say nothing!   Witness Nelson Mandela’s attempt to build a rainbow nation in South Africa, through granting amnesty to perpetrators of Apartheid. South Africa has become a failed state of some sort for it with 24 -25% youth unemployment for Blacks, and highest murder rate in the world. The amnesty had made it possible for all the beneficiaries of Apartheid: mostly whites and their Indian and African accomplishes to repatriate billions and billions of dollars out of the country as they flee what they would later call incompetent Black rule.


Does that remind you of somebody? Yes, Jammeh and his rampaging band of murderous thieves – all of them APRC members of course – repatriated millions, of not billions of Dollars, before fleeing to Equatorial Guinea, Switzerland, the US, India, you name it, leaving hapless ordinary Gambian citizen at the mercy of the “anyone-who-is-against-forgiveness-is-not-a-Muslim” brigade.

How incredible that the foremost Muslim countries in the world, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine, Bangladesh, rarely turn the other check in forgiveness, for murder, mayhem, rape, widespread looting of public funds, or violent overthrow of the government type crimes? All the above countries have the death Penalty for attempted violent overthrow of elected governments, and Jammeh and his band of thugs would have had the noose tightly around their necks, before they could utter the word forgiveness

Maybe it’s time to advocate for the KABAH be relocate to the forgiveness capital of the Muslim world, the Gambian State in recognition of greater capacity than most to forgive transgressions against the innocent, with OJ as chief IMAM.  

But even that would still leave the position of the Christian Community to Consider. here also it is highly unlikely for both the Vatican, of Archbishops of the various diocese to invoke the forgiveness god in light of the serious cold hearted and deliberate selfishness with which the APRC first usurped the will of ordinary people, and then ruthlessly executed their rule, before reluctantly existing leaving in spectacular fashion with the loot of the century, thus leaving an impoverished the population in an even  more perilous state, open to the vagaries of, and the anti-progress  brigade ! including those who would suppress the findings of the-recommendations of the Janneh enquiry report into public sector maladministration and mismanagement, including possible past and continuing misappropriation of public resources, made possible my poor design and implementation (or complete lack thereof) of robust Governance Structures, Policies and Procedures. One wonders how many other governance related reports have been suppressed in this way as its all forgiven now, so let us all just keep calm and carry on!


It’s all BS of course!  All this though, put me in the mind of the poor peasant farmer who asked the former President Jawara, when would independence be over? which he followed by asking when would Whiteman’s rule return?

So, when would Bimbili Mansa’s (the beneficial, and the merciful) rule over us forgiving plebians be restored to its rightful place?  Remember Jammeh claimed the elections that outed him out of power was rigged. Maybe he was right, and the elections had been rigged in ADAMA BARROWS favour, and in acknowledgement, it is time to both ask for forgiveness from Muslim Jammeh, and to bringing, if not him (because that would be awkward), but at lease his Party, the APRC back into government!  Afterwards, we are all Muslims. So, a rule by decree, or a direct rule, or an indirect rule, or even rule by de-factor rule, is neither here, nor there. it’s all the same in the Gambian context. Anyway, who cares! It does not really matter – we are all Muslims, and look, every Gambian, Muslim and non-Muslims alike are wetting themselves and asking When? When? did you hear, I am so excited, thank God someone has seen some sense, Bimbili Mansa is coming back and we will all be working again, we will all be riding Mecedes Benz; Or no! you can have your Mercedes Benz, that’s your choice, but I am having a Volvo! Oh, I hear he is bringing back all that oil wealth from the Equatorial Guinea. I hard too; plus, lots of Diamonds from the Congo. Oh, I cannot wait, I am excited too; but I am also sorry if I disappoint you two, because I swear, as soon as Jammeh land at the Airport, I will be the first to greet him! oh that sounds exciting, but will you kiss his hand too or better still his feet? I don’t know about kissing his feet, but I know what I want, I will ask his straight to buy me a BMW, and I know he will. But how can you be sure of that. I am only asking you because I know Jammeh. He might even have forgotten all about you!  Oh no, forget. how can he forget me, when we are having been talking on the mobile every night since he was away! I have been looking after him you know!  Why did you not tell me! You are such a Bi**h. yes, I am, I like sticking it up to that Moroccan bi**h of his. I don’t know what he sees in her! Yes, I agree, even if I think that but you are just being jealous   But, you know what, seriously, we cannot wait!   I hope Adama Barrow, NUP, and OJ Jallow do not change their mind. You know what politicians are like. All they care about is money, and…. but I cannot mention that here, but you know what I mean!   Ha-ha ha, yes, I know. But honestly, you are such a b**h! I know; in that case we will send you to him, to convince that not to change their mind. No Ohno, never!  I will never do that! Why don’t you go yourself, why me? and not you!

Well because, I suppose being fair skinned and Gambians like fair skinned, so I think they will listen to you more! Just look at me, I am so dark you know! No one will ever listen to me.  Sorry, I know. But equally it is all your fault. You know I used to be as Dark as you. But just look at me now. I thank God, I am now light skinned.  I keep telling you; you must buy Skin lightening cream. Yes, I know they are very expensive, but they will improve your chances with politicians, and they have money! If you get a good one, they will even pay for your cream. Yes, skin lightening cream is very expensive, but that is my advice. Get a politician. They have money, and they can help you buy skin lightening cream, and public servant too, but they do not have money like politicians! I see, thank you for your advice, I will see! but you are so luck!  

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