REJOINDER: NUP Presidential candidate AEJ says nothing wrong with APRC allying with NPP
The attention of the National Unity Party (NUP) has been drawn to an article published in the Freedom Online Newspaper relating to our Presidential Candidate’s remarks on the NPP/APRC political alliance ahead of the December 4th Elections. The article suggested that Mr. Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh chastised people who disagreed with the decision of the two parties to form an alliance. This is a clear distortion of facts and does not represent what Mr. Jammeh said during the press conference.
You will recall that in response to a question from a journalist on the alliance, Mr. Jammeh stated that like any other party in The Gambia NPP and APRC are free to join forces as freedom of association is enshrined in the Constitution. Therefore, he indicated that the NUP does not have any issues with the two parties exercising these rights since it is a democracy. However, he was quick to point out that what people are concerned about is the content of the agreement and how this may infringe on the rights of the victims. He went on to say that he was not privy to the content of the agreement and as a result did not want to speculate. We want to categorically state that NUP believes in the rights of victims and these must be respected as well as protected at all times.
Also, we are appalled and disappointed in the insinuation that the NUP is a mercenary party being used to ambush the population by splitting the opposition votes in order to enable an NPP/APRC victory. This is a malicious attempt aimed at undermining the credibility of our party and we wish to condemn it in the strongest possible terms. The NUP is a unique party and has a brand that is unlike any operating conventional political party in The Gambia. The party has revolutionary ideas and policies intended to usher in and maintaining sustainable socio-economic and political transformation in the country. We will not be distracted in our quest to actualizing this noble objective.
Concerning the article’s personal attacks on Mr. Jammeh, we will not respond to that as we will let Gambians be the judge of his character. As far as we are concerned, his 35 years of immaculate public service coupled with his qualities as a selfless, honest and trustworthy individual make him the right person to lead The Gambia at this crucial period.
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