Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai 

The wife of Gambia’s musical star ST, Binta Tamba, has been arrested and released on bail, Freedom Newspaper can report. Mrs. Tamba’s arrest followed an assault incident in Kerr Serign last night, in which she has been accused of orchestrating the brutal assault of a Kerr Serign man.  She has been accused of ordering ST’s bodyguards to assault a man, she had an argument with at a restaurant at the Senegambia strip joint, not far from the former Tropicana night club.


Musician ST wasn’t present when the incident happened. Mrs. Tamba was dining in at the restaurant when she had altercation with a guest of the restaurant.

“She had an argument with someone who was also dining at the restaurant last night. The man looked at her, and she allegedly cursed him. She said why was the guy looking at him. The guy drove off and she called ST’s bodyguards, and they went and met the guy, at his friend’s home in Kerr Serign, jumped the fence, opened the door and beat the guy up, and left him bleeding, they broke his nose, hurt his hand,” said a source.

Sources said Mrs. Tamba was heard telling the guest at the restaurant that her father is a senior officer in the army, and she would ensure he would come for him. This was prior to ST’s boys assaulting the young man, sources said.

The incident was caught on camera. The four men, who descended into the Kerr Serign property on trespass were caught on a video recording, our source intimated.

“The compound owner is filing charges; he called the police and the police arrested Binta Tamba today. As we speak now, the police are trying to kill the case. The owner of the compound is fighting the case. What happened is, they beat the guy so bad.  ST came to the station today and she was bailed. All the four people who beat up the guy are at large. At first the police said they were going to hold her until she can produce all those people, that after she produce them, they can grant her bail. But when ST came to the Senegambia station, she was bailed. She never helps the police to locate the four accused persons, she was released on bail,” our source added.

ST’s boys are yet to be arrested.

“They assaulted the boy inside his friend’s home in Kerr Serign.  ST’s boys assaulted him. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. They are taking the law into their own hands,” sources said.

Binta Tamba was held for about three hours on Tuesday morning before she was released on bail. “She was released on bail as soon as ST got to the station. The four boys who assaulted the man are yet to be arrested. She was released because of ST. It appears that the accused persons at large would face justice,” said our source.

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