Police files

Police files
Hannover police post diary reference number.05/15/09/2021. time.04:45hrs.Place of occu.Serrekunda. Subject.(1) With attempt to commite felony.(2)Burglary.(Assault causing greviouse bodily harm.Article involved.Some broken bottles and one sign board as an exhibite being recovered.
Name of complainant. Amadou Juma Jallow.Address. Serre-Kunda.Age.40yrs.Occu. Business. Nationality.Guinea Conakry. Name of accused.Ebrima Ceesay.Address. Serre-Kunda.Age.,18,yrs.Occu.Tailor. Nationality.Gambian
The complainant Amadou Juma jallow of Serre-Kunda arrived in the charge office together with his wife and the accused with the accused Ebrima Ceesay of Serre-Kunda while they were seriously bleeding and stated that Ebrima Ceesay Came to his house to stealed later assaulted him and his wife Fatoumata Binta Jallow.For that he need police help.Upon there arrival at the post,Sgt 3810 Sonko left the charge office together with the victim Amadou Juma Jallow,Ebrima
Ceesay and Fatoumata Binta Jallow to Kanifing General hospital for medical treatment and stated that both parties were treated and discharge.D/Cpl 4554 Manneh and Cpl 4845Darbie left the charge office to the scene to recvered the exhibites.D/Cpl 4554 Manneh and Cpl 4849 Darboe both returned in the charge office together with some broken bottles and iron sign board recovered from the scene. Witness statement obtained from the complainant and the witnesses concerned Cautionary and voluntary statement obtained from the accused Ebrima Ceesay if Serre-Kunda.Case file opened and forwarded to the authorities for further police action.

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