If diplomacy could not  solve a solvable issue, then radical action could solve it. Nowadays, it’s frustrating,  disheartening and shocking being a student at the university of The Gambia. Despite all the hardships students have endured  in this highest citadels of  learning,  our pride  and interest as students seems to be ignored, and  neglected by the Central Government and the authorities of the institution. It is a sad reality that majority of the students of the university of The Gambia are from an underprivileged backgrounds who find it hard to pay their tuition fees.However, after struggling to settle their tuition fees couple with rigorous academic work, buying of stationery, and paying of fares to and from the university  with the hope of putting a beacon of smile on the face of their parents after the completion of their course. To add fuel to the fire, they have to be victims of yet another  unending strike of the Staff Association of the University . Besides, we are cognizant of the fact that the previous  industrial strike which justification is subjective was called off after a consensus was reached by both parties in a  round table discussion among the University Management, Staff Association, Students Union and other skakeholders. However, the irony of the situation is that the strike was only postponed for another semester.

Thus,  The Enough is Enough Movement of the university of The Gambia commended the students’  union body under the dynamic leadership of president Ousman Jassey for the job well done in bringing both parties on the negotiation table. Nonetheless, we would  never allow students’ welfare to be taken for granted, university students in particular. We want to remind  the central Government and the authorities  of the institution that we  are not attending the university for free, but rather paying huge amount of money which our parents have toiled day in and day out. Therefore, we would not entertain being a perpetual victims of this misfortune. Albeit, we  are not against strike for a good course, but we cannot afford to loss lot of contact hours owing to the  continuous and unceasing strikes which could have been averted if the demands were met and fulfilled as agreed upon. At this juncture or should say at this trying and debilitating situation, our message is clear without a modicum of doubt that we are ready to mobilize students and occupy both the Ministry of Higher education , Research Science and Technology, and the Peace Building if the proposed strike has to materialize. Thus, for the betterment of the entire students of the university of The Gambia, we are  urging the main students  union leadership to be steadfast  and resolute in its stands to avert this strike by any means possible since we have explored every avenue  to reverse the status quo in our institution. The fact of the matter is that we  have been patient and tolerant from time immemorial; thus, it is high time we paddled our own cannoe by taking the necessary action at this material time. Remember,  if diplomacy fails to give us what we deserve, then  radical action would be the last resort and recourse.


In conclusion, our classes must hold either by hook or by crook. Therefore, the ball is your chord, and there is no need for the shifting of the goal poles. Our union has categorically and unequivocally made it clear to you that ” No more industrial action in our most revered and renowned university.”  Therefore, be warned or else you would not be able to contain us when we occupy the Peace Building; when we occupy the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology for we are  tired of unceasing industrial strike of this nature.  As the saying goes, ” Too much of everything is bad.”

Abdoulie Nelson Jallow,

Chief Servant, Enough is Enough Movement of UTG.

Cc: President, Students’ Union.

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