Tourism Minister Hamat Bah has branded  Ousainou Darboe as an inconsistent politician, who lacks the moral authority to question the APRC’s merger with President Barrow’s NPP political party. Bah made the statement during Barrow’s meet the farmers tour.

He says back in 2017, Darboe celebrated the defection of the 25 APRC MPS, who defected into his UDP party. He also says General MA Bah’s defection from the APRC to the UDP was embraced by Darboe.
“ Ousainou celebrated it, the whole world saw it where was the moral authority he is preaching Adama Barrow?  Where was it then? “  Bah asked.
He has accused the UFP of trying to undermine the APRC/NPP alliance.
Bah also mocked Darboe for changing his name from Ousainou to Abubacarr.  He says despite the name changes that wouldn’t save Darboe from being defeated  in the coming elections.
Hamat  Bah has also doubled down on his claim that Darboe never wanted his late Deputy Yahya Jallow to replace him.  “ When he was asked who was going to replace him, he talked about Kemesseng Jammeh. He never mention his Deputy’s name,”he said.
Bah has thrown jabs at Essa Faal saying that it is a shame for Faal to brag about mastering a foreign language like English. “ it is a shame for him to brag about having knowledge in someone’s language. That’s not knowledge.  I though he was going to brag about being educated in medicine, science, nursing, journalism, engineering and other professions,” he said.
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