Algeria’s octogenarian long-term leader Bouteflika died a couple of days ago, having ended his life in ignominy after trying to hold onto power until death. Octogenarian Robert Mugabe attempted to rule for life – until his own army removed him. In Senegal, octogenarian Abdoulie Wade tried to hold onto power, until a people’s uprising removed him. And in neighbouring Guinea Conakry octogenarian Alpha Conde changed the country’s constitution – to remain president for life. Many more examples of octogenarians clinging to power after ruling for decades abound – and there is one main reason for trying to hold onto power until death:-

The long-term ruling octogenarians are afraid that they will be brought to book for decades of corruption and criminality.


So it is that ECOWAS leaders have gone to Guinea Conakry to demand the flight of the deposed Alpha Conde out of the country. But this is a man who is accused of killing hundreds simply to extend his rule unconstitutionally and of stealing billions from the nation’s coffers.

ECOWAS leaders never utter a single word of condemnation when their fellow leaders mismanage their countries. Not a word. Not in Mali, not in Chad, not in Conakry. Then, when the peoples and the militaries of those countries, as a last resort, depose their awful president, the ECOWAS, AU and UN suddenly find their voice: “Hey, country X, you cannot depose the criminal bandits who rule you! We want him free – he is a life-time member of our Presidents’ Club”!

Guinea’s coup leaders would have none of it! They want Conde to repatriate the stolen billions back to Conakry – and to account for the killing of hundreds of Guineans. Imagine if the Gambians in January 2017 had Yahya Jammeh in their hands: Jammeh could have been forced to say where the billions of looted dalasis was and bring it all back, and he could have been forced to testify at the TRRC and be held to account for the killings of Gambians. You know, Jammeh was NOT “chased away”! Rather, with the help of Alpha Conde, Jammeh got away “Scot-Free” to enjoy his retirement in Equatorial Guinea in peace.

Fatunetwork’s readers below have a point on this one: “ECOWAS can go to hell”! 

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.


Colonel Mamady Doumbouya dismisses ECOWAS sanctions, says he is not bothered by them 


By Reuters

The leader of Guinea’s recent coup told a delegation of West African leaders he was not concerned about new sanctions imposed by the regional bloc to pressure a swift transition to constitutional rule, the junta’s spokesman said on Saturday.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) agreed on Thursday to freeze the financial assets of the junta and their relatives and bar them from travelling in response to the Sept. 5 ouster of President Alpha Conde.

Coup leader Mamady Doumbouya has shrugged off the move, telling high-level ECOWAS envoys that “as soldiers, their work is in Guinea and there is nothing to freeze in their accounts,” junta spokesman Amara Camara said at a briefing.

The comment was made at talks between Doumbouya and the Ivorian and Ghanaian presidents, Alassane Ouattara and Nana Akufo-Addo, who visited Conakry on Friday in an unsuccessful effort to secure Conde’s release.

FN readers’ comments 

Landing Bo Badjie

Where were all this leaders and the ECOWAS when Conde unconstitutionally changed the Constitution and give himself a third term?

Bafoday Touray reply Landing Bo Badjie that’s the question

Landing Bo Badjie reply Bafoday Touray they all have the same interest to loot our coffers

Lamin Boy Daffeh

Bravooo..when alpha was manipulating the Constitution the nonsenses were beside him..an now the table turn upside down they came to remember the abandoned constitution…ehh African leaders…bunch of zeros…chimm

Abdoulie S Manjang

They are here not to stabilize peace in the member state by telling the truth to it leaders but they are here safing them. All this brutal leaders should be prosecuted and luck behind bars.

Sanyang Batabut

Ecowas only good at bullying small countries. Shame on them. And to the junta, stand your. Ground

Bai Baba Ndow

Why is this toothless dog ECOWAS bloc so hypocritical ? When Guineans were suffering from belligerent geed and selfish leadership they never condemned it now patriotics kaki men intervened and tries to make right what was wrong and they are acting foolish…Go Dpumbuya go don’t mind them

Joseph Ayeh

Ecowas is good at sanctions. I don’t see any benefits in being a member of Ecowas. Citizens of other countries are harassed for a permit at an exorbitant fee, travel restrictions along our borders, paying monies to immigration officers before crossing their borders and a whole lot. Ecowas is just a club of heads of state.

Silasi King

Yes thank you, let ECOWAS go to hell.

Bubacar Manneh

To help Ecowas , to release Alpha Conde.

Amadou Jallow

The same Ecowas were quietly watching when Criminal Alpha Conde manipulated the constitution of a nation for his selfish interest. Birds  of the same feathers fly together them all bunch of criminals.

Gambia First

Blie this man is a brave man let the Guineans support him.

B Smoll Camara

Bravo brave man. A collection of Greedy and corrupt Leaders Call them self Ecowas. Sucking the Blood of their people. They deserve no attention or respect. They care nothing but to Stay in power for a life time.

Momodou Bah

Let ECOWAS leaders go to HELL.. term limit or soldiers show you the exit door.

Babucarr Bajan

The man of the moment

Momodou Leigh

Good job colonel Dumbuya. They’re mere puppets of their colonial masters..

Lama Juan

ECOWAS Is a friendship club

Mustapha Sanneh

Let ECOWAS go to hell.

Abdoulie Jallow

Thank you

Lamin Sanyang Twenty thumbs ups for Colonel Doumbouya!

Alieu Jawo

Useless ECOWAS

Ousman Jammeh

We should all boycott Ecowas shame on them

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