This is a worst case scenario of the danger the currently erupting volcano on La Palma could potentially cause.

The danger is that the Canariesongoing volcanic eruption could cause a massive landslide where thousands of tons of earth get dislodged and get deposited into the Atlantic Ocean. That would cause a mega-tsunami which will affect countries with sea-front coasts on the Atlantic.


The USA may have up to 8 hours warning to move populations to safety away from its Atlantic coast, but West Africa would be hit by the mega-tsunami within an hour by waves of 300 feet high travelling at massive speed … potentially travelling as much as 12 miles inland.

It is scary. While I was holidaying in The Gambia in December 2004, the coastal communities of East Africa were devastated by a massive tsunami originating in Indonesia on the other side of the Indian Ocean, I think killing some 250,000 people. I think that was when the Krakatoa Volcano erupted.

The situation described here is only thepotential effect of the mega-tsunami in a worst-case scenario. The “massive landslide” will hopefully not happen inshallah, and there will be no tsunami.

Let us wish the people of Las Palma and the Canaries safety in this dangerous moment, not least the many “backway” Senegambian boat-refugees on the island.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London.

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