Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

The United Democratic party flag bearer Ousainou Darboe says Adama Barrow doesn’t deserve to be elected Gambia’s President, while branding The Gambian leader as a total liability, who had possessed the least qualification for the Presidential job. Darboe, who was addressing his supporter over the weekend in Sukuta, Kombo North, has called on Gambians to send Barrow home come December 4th, 2021, and elect him (Darboe) as President of the impoverished West African nation.  

“All Gambians are qualified to be elected President excepted Adama Barrow, that is indisputable, we have all agreed to that. President Adama Barrow is not fit to serve as the country’s President. Everyone is qualified except Barrow. We should vote him out of office,” Darboe told his supporters.


According to Darboe, his party is being blame for providing what he called “such a retarded leader” to the country.

“I heard someone singing saying why should we give them such a retarded leader. Well, I think we are being falsely accused. We haven’t given you a retarded leader, he is not sick, he is deliberately doing what he wanted. He is a carefree person,” Darboe remarked.

Darboe had also spoken about his party’s five-point manifesto agenda if elected into office. Revamping Gambia’s collapsed heath care system, the ailing economy, education sector and fighting official corruption are high on the agenda.

Darboe recalled when he advised the former Presidential adviser Yusupha Cham and officials in Barrow’s government in 2017 to stay away from corruption. He said at the time, the newly elected regime had started embracing corruption, with officials meeting with investors at the airport.

Darboe has warned that corruption is a stumbling block to national development.  He says it could retard foreign direct investment.

Darboe has also talked about his past imprisonment. He said he was falsely taken to prison by the former Jammeh regime. He says he has forgiven Jammeh.

“Politics in Africa goes with going to prison, torture and on some occasions losing one’s source of income. I have forgiven him,” Darboe said.

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