Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

Presidential Adviser Dodou Sano has handed a clean bill of political health to the former ruling APRC party, under the leadership of dictator Yahya Jammeh. Sano, who was speaking with the Star FM radio, says the APRC as a party, hasn’t committed any crime in this country. He also says none of the APRC members and leaders have been called before the truth commission to testify on any alleged human rights violations.

“The APRC is a clean political party. It is a legitimate political party, its leader can lead this country, nothing can stop him from leading this country,” Sano remarked, as he thanked the APRC interim leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Ousman Rambo Jatta, Dodou Jah and the other leaders of the APRC.


Sano has noted that the APRC/NPP merger will no doubt facilitate President Barrow’s reelection into office. He said the two parties are political giants in the country and there is no party that can prevent them from ascending into the Presidency.

Sano has also said Foni is a  “no go area” for the opposition. He added that Foni is going to showcase its support for Barrow when Barrow arrived there during his meet the farmer’s tour.

Sano has talked about the NPP sending Ousainou Darboe on retirement come December 4th, 2021. He said Darboe would be forced to go on permanent political retirement by his son Adama Barrow, as he claimed that Barrow’s landslide victory, has already been guaranteed.

On Essa Faal, the former Lead Council, Sano, has accused Faal of being a UDP political mole, who has used the TRRC to pursue his Presidential ambition. He has also accused Faal of being ungrateful to President Barrow, a leader, he said, had hired him with the hope that he (Faal) was going to execute his job without any partisan politics.

“Faal was using the TRRC to undermine President Barrow. He is a UDP front man. He has betrayed the trust and confidence that the President had bestowed on him,” Sano remarked.

Sano has queried about Faal’s apparent failure to pursue the truth as far as the Basse Chamen bridge incident was concerned.

“I was the one, who led the UDP in that incident. The testimonies given before the TRRC was embellished. Faal wouldn’t want the true story to be narrated. I know what happened that day,” Sano told the Star FM radio.

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