Editor Mbai,

Zambia’s new president is setting an example for his impoverished country.

He is flight to the UN Assembly with only 2 ministers …


And on a commercial flight where they have paid for only 3 seats (no chartered or private plane).

  • No private plane at huge cost to his starving citizens;
  • No large delegation of family and friends on per diems and shopping allowances;
  • No massive hotel bills.

Thus saving Zambia’s millions in local currency that can be ploughed into the health and education sectors.

Just imagine, Pa, if impoverished Gambia also followed this example. How much in millions of dalasis could we save for those hospitals where women are dying in child-birth every day?

I appreciate that this would be like asking our President and government officials to get out of their Pajeros and SUVs and use Gele-Geles, but let us hope and pray that our leaders also see the light … and realise that they need to save government funds for their needy fellow citizens.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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