Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

“President Barrow did not instruct, did not direct, did not order anyone to collect anybody’s voters’ card.  President Barrow respects the rule of law, and he rules by law.  He will respect all the laws governing this country including the Election Act. He will never violate any law in this country,” Tourism Minister Hamat Bah declared during the President’s meet the farmers’ tour.

Bah’s statement followed the showcase of voters’ cards in Nyangen village, where a UDP supporter defected to President Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP). The voters’ cards were in a bag and the defected UDP supporter said the owners of the said cards were ready to vote for Barrow in the upcoming elections.


The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has since issued a statement, calling on voters not to hand over their voters’ cards to third parties.

Tourism minister Hamat Bah has also issued a disclaimer saying that President Barrow wouldn’t support or encourage anyone to take peoples’ voters’ cards ahead of the polls.

“Let it be on record for all of you, with your cameras, newspapers, that Barrow did not direct or order anyone to collect anybody’s voters’ card,” Bah remarked.

“The IEC issued a press statement  asking people not to give their voters’ cards to third parties yesterday as a result of the incident of Nyangen. Neither Barrow, nor official of NPP, nor any official of government, have ever directed or instructed anybody to go and take anybody’s voters’ card. Your voters’ cards are your voters’ cards. Keep them, on the 4th, you go and give your vote to Adama Barrow,” he added.

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