We have received the so-called military intelligence report, in which some Gambian Jolla army officers have been accused of “acting in concert” with the army’s intake 30 batch to overthrow President Barrow’s government. “This is the alleged report against the Jolla officers and you can see how serious and ungodly of their intentions. It’s a report from Col Musa Trawally the so-called Director of Military Intelligence cum air force engineer. So those that are claiming your report was fake read this report and publish it. The CDS confronted Col Alhagie Sanneh on the matter and alleging him to be a disgruntled officer and threatened Lt Col Musa Jammeh, Jolla officers are the ones instigating the 30 intake to go on strike,” our sources alleged.  

“So currently Lt Col Musa Jammeh and other officers are being sidelined but thank God government have rubbish the report in its totality,” our sources further claimed.


Below is the unedited verbatim report that our sources claimed was prepared by the military intelligence. Meanwhile, according to our sources, the army command has denied knowledge of the purported report. The report has been greeted with mixed reaction. While some are pointing accusing fingers at the military intelligence, others are alleging that the State Intelligence Services (SIS) are aware of the content of the report.  Read on….



In 2018, the whatsapp group that was led by former captain Berai Jammeh was a threat that was planned to overthrow the present government. Their planned mode of operandi to execute their mission was to push the APRC political party to protest during which the group will execute its task. In the recent years, the attrition analysis of the Gambia Armed Forces has gone over a thousand of military personnel. Most of these retirees are within the country and not employed.

According to one Mr lamin ceesay of the APRC reconciliation committee for the non-alliance, the party is not in alliance with any other political party. He claimed in an audio that their membership includes retired personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces. This indeed is a threat to national security having retirees of an Armed Force as members of an opposition political party. Most of these retirees have strong connection with serving members of the Armed Forces some indeed still maintaining sensitive positions.

Recently, some of these retirees specifically from the 30 intake threaten to hold a peaceful protest in order to claim for their unpaid retirement benefits. This never happened since the inception of the Army less the 1990 Liberian contingent who did a similar mutiny claiming for mission allowances. Few years later which was in 1994, came up a coup by the military junta.

Therefore, looking at the current situation of having a very high attrition rate, retirees planning protest, retirees joining opposition political parties including a good number of disloyal officers manning sensitive positions needs a watch. Those in politics will use it as a platform to manifest their dissatisfaction and will be under the influence and control of those disloyal officers currently serving.

However, observations have it that even the planned protest by retirees of the 30 intake was an influenced from some disloyal serving members who currently run their offices on tribal and political sentiments. These send a strong signal that the least security lapse might result to a coup or unrest in the country.

Therefore, the following senior officers and officers within the army needs to be put on a serious watch as some are most of the time seen fraternizing with retired and non serving soldiers at many times. In the same vein, it is imperative to identify and profile these retired soldiers currently serving as members of the APRC non-alliance party.

Attach to this report, is the audio from Mr lamin ceesay where he did mentioned having retired military personnel as active members of the APRC non-alliance party.

  1. Colonel Dembo Jarju (Navy) Director of personnel.
  2. Colonel Alagie Sanneh the director of peace keeping operations.
  3. Colonel Dembo Jarju of the procurement unit.
  4. Colonel Essa Tamba director of child right.
  5. Lt Colonel Omar Bojang contingent commander for CAR 1.
  6. Captain Suwaibou Jammeh Oc military police Gambia Navy.

Forwarded for your perusal and necessary action.

DISCLAIMER: The Freedom Newspaper couldn’t independently authenticate the veracity of the said report. Per our sources at GAF, CDS Yankuba Drammeh, has denied having any knowledge of the alleged intelligence report when he was confronted by Colonel Alhagie Sanneh and the other officers who were accused in the alleged report. The views contained in the alleged report do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.

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