Independent Presidential candidate Essa Faal has shutdown  his doors to The Gambian online “for the people, by the people show” because he felt being disrespected by one of the co-hosts of that show Musa Jeng, Pa Samba Jaw, a co-host of the “for the people, by the people show” told Freedom radio Gambia in an exclusive interview. 

“Yesterday on our show, we were talking about Essa Faal. We invited him to our show, but Essa was not happy with Musa Jeng because Musa Jeng has questioned Essa’s candidacy, the motive behind it and said what he is bringing to the table. He does not believe that Essa is here to win it.  Why is he running?  With the TRRC, he should have waited but Essa finds that troublesome and disrespectful, the words that he said to Banka, that’s what Banka claimed he said to him. That he felt disrespected to the extent that because of that he is having problems coming to the for the people by the people show,” Jaw stated.

Essa Faal is a former International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor. He is also the former Lead Counsel of Gambia’s truth commission.


According to the Washington based Gambian human rights activist Pa Samba Jaw, Faal’s recent boycott of their Facebook live show, doesn’t reconcile with his claim that he is out to turnaround Gambia’s political landscape.

When asked whether Faal has boycotted their show, Jaw had this to say:

“They said he is not boycotting but he claimed that because of what Musa Jeng said about him on our show.  All these new politicians, Essa included are claiming to be the new type of politicians, the tolerance once, the once that are coming to ensure a democratic Gambia to turn around use Essa’s motto, that is his slogan, turnaround, meaning everything bad that they are saying or have seen over the years, that he is ready to turn it around, but just to turn around and say because somebody said something about you, then you are not going to that person or you are thinking about it the second time. I don’t think that is somebody who is ready anything around,” said Jaw.

Jaw said the supporters of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) have also boycotted the Fatu Network. He referenced Ebrima Dibba’s failure to show up at their show even though Dibba is their good friend.

According to Jaw, some Executive members of the UDP such as lawyer Yankuba Darboe and Kemo Bojang are part of the those boycotting the Fatu Network, including for the people show.

Jaw says such boycott wouldn’t have any negative impact on their shows because in his words “ we are not doing our Sunday show for numbers and likes.”

Jaw has also discussed the recent US court ruling forfeiting Jammeh’s Potomac $3.5 million dollars home, among other burning political issues.

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