Tensions are mounting within the National People’s Party (NPP) as its supporters are having a go at each other, to a point that it has exacerbated to a violent confrontation resulting to the police’s intervention, Freedom Newspaper can report. The two Maimunas supporters have been insulting each other. Tuesday’s incident followed a Whatsapp audio issued by the sister of Fatoumatta Jawara, taking issues with Yamso of the PPP, and Maimuna Baldeh’s team. Angered by the lady’s insults, Yamso then decided to file a police complaint with the Brusibi police station.

The station was stormed by the supporters of Maimuna Ceesay and that of Maimuna Baldeh’s supporters. It was a chaotic situation at the Brusibi station, as the NPP supporters insulted each other’s parents.


Prior to Tuesday’s altercation, an NPP supporter one Aji, a Sarahule man, took to Whatsapp to accused Presidential Adviser Siaka Jatta of allegedly dating Maimuna Ceesay, the widow wife of the late Governor Lamin Darboe. Aji has alleged that Jatta has sidelined Maimuna Baldeh during the President’s meet the people tour by denying her audience to speak during the tour.

According to Aji, Jatta’s is using his alleged extramarital relationship with Mai Ceesay to censor the NPP legitimate elected national women’s mobilizer just to appease his secret lover. He said throughout the President Barrow’s tour, Mai Baldeh, was never allowed to speak as women’s mobilizer.

Besides his role as Presidential adviser, Siaka Jatta also in the business of chairing NPP meetings and Presidential functions.

NPP insiders have intimated that Siaka Jatta has been siding with Mai Ceesay’s rebel camp to marginalize Mai Baldeh, to deny her the opportunity to speak during the Presidential tour and other NPP functions.

“Maimuna Ceesay was allowed to speak during the tour. Siaka never reference, mention or acknowledge Mai Baldeh’s presence during the tour. Keep in mind that Mai Baldeh is the NPP national women’s mobilizer. Siaka is openly censoring this poor lady. He doesn’t recognize her as the NPP women’s mobilizer,” NPP insiders told us.

According to sources, even President Barrow, isn’t happy with the way Mai Ceesay’s camp are treating Mai Baldeh.

“The President is aware of the situation. He is not happy at all. He doesn’t want to react now because he doesn’t want to be accused of siding with Mai Baldeh. His women’s national mobilizer is being discriminated by the Mandinka NPP MC Siaka Jatta. Where on earth have you ever seen a President going on tour and his women’s mobilizer not speaking? It is only in The Gambia. The UDP breakaway Mandinka supporters now turned NPP, would rather prefer Mai Ceesay to speak than Mai Baldeh.  Everyone is watching. We know what is going on here,” our sources added.

“In our last year’s tour, Mai Baldeh was also not allowed to speak. She was adopted mother by the people of Mamut Fana, but Siaka Jatta wouldn’t make an announcement during that meeting that she had been adopted mother. She was supposed to meet the women of that village during the meeting, but that role was given to Isatou Trawally. She was the one, who went round shaking the hands of Mamut Fana women villagers. She wasn’t the KMC women’s mobilizer at the time,” this medium has gathered.

NPP is in disarray as we file this report. There is this Mai Ceesay camp, who are causing distraction barely two months before the elections. This group has been accused of covertly undermining Barrow’s reelection bid.

“Mai Ceesay’s group are not in good terms with the UDP. Notwithstanding, they are not helping Barrow. It is a disruptive group. They are causing chaos within the NPP party. If President Barrow loses the elections, they should be blamed for it. Alkali Conteh, Siaka Jatta, Fatoumatta Jawara, and Mai Ceesay are part of this group. Sadly, they have the ears of the President. They are into this tribalism nonsense.  They have teamed up to support this arrogant and disruptive Mai Ceesay,” said our sources.

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