I read  a press release today in your Newspaper, in which the State House has reported about the President Adama Barrow, donating “two new buses to the Council of the University of The Gambia Students Union.” I know something of about those two buses. Just for the record: These are not brand-new buses as reported. Secondly, the buses belong to The Gambia police force. Yes, poor hardworking police officers bought those buses that they paraded as a Presidential gift to the UTG students.

For your information, Gambian police officers numbering over 6000 of them were subjected to D100 dalasis monthly deduction from their pay for those two buses to be bought. The two buses were part of other buses that the force had bought prior to Abdoulie Sanyang’s tenure as IGP.


The last time I checked, the two buses in question were grounded at the police garage in Kanifing before it was sold to the President Adama Barrow.

The Inspector General of police Abdoulie Sanyang, whose MO is “eye service” was the one, who facilitated the sale of the police buses to the State House. I remember IGP Sanyang offering to sell one of the buses for one million dalasis, when the UTG students were complaining about transportation constraints during a meeting at the State House. At the said meeting, Nuha Touray, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, IGP Abdoulie Sanyang, and others were present.

Abdoulie had earlier told SG Touray that there were police buses available that they could give the students, provided that the state was willing to pay one million dalasis for one of the buses. SG Touray then told him that he was going to pass the message to the President Adama Barrow.

What followed later, was for the two police buses to be repainted and handed to the Presidency. Everyone here has been taken aback by the news of the so called two new buses. Few people in the police are aware of the sale of the force’s buses. Abdoulie Sanyang’s close “associates” in the force are privy to the deal.

Shockingly, the police are still faced with transportation challenges. It doesn’t make any sense to sell the forces’ buses to the Presidency.

Editors note:  The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie could not be reached for comment when contacted.

The views contained in this opinionated piece could not be independently verified. Thanks for your kind attention.

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