Some UDP breakaway Mandinka supporters now turned NPP supporters, have become a total disservice to the nation and the Barrow Presidency. They are also a threat to President Adama Barrow’s reelection.  Tribalism, egoism, and nepotism could be blamed for their lack of respect for the individual and cultural diversity.

The UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has been vindicated. He has nothing to lose by parting company with such poorly educated liars, hypocrites, tribalists, and troublemakers. The only educated among them is Alkali Conteh, a man of questionable character.

President Adama Barrow is to some degree complicit in this nonsense taking place in his political party—the NPP. He openly condoned Siaka Jatta, Mai Ceesay, Alkali Conteh, and that useless uneducated rude MP Fatoumatta Jawara’s  tribal war against Mai Baldeh, a Fulani woman,  whose only crime is to serve as the NPP’s women’s national mobilizer.


It is sad that our Mandinka brothers and sisters calling the shots at the State House are on the path to self-destruction by refusing to accept the culture of political diversity. They are control freaks; they do not want other tribes to assume position of authority in the Barrow government.

Sadly, they are not bringing in anything on the table that would help facilitate Barrow’s reelection. They are only bragging about having direct access to ADAMA, a vulnerable President, who is prone to blackmail and manipulation. They spend their day talking on the phone, gossiping, lying against others just to secure their positions.

Could you believe that Siaka Jatta, a semi literate Presidential adviser, wouldn’t allow Mai Baldeh to speak during the President’s meet the people tour. Some prominent members of the NPP, even had to beg him to allow Mai to speak, but he refused.

At the Buffer Zone meeting, there was this hope that he would allow Mai to address the gathering, but that never happened. His good friend Mai Ceesay was allowed to address the gathering. A clear case of discrimination against Mai Baldeh. This lady is being discriminated because she is a Fulani. That is the naked reality. We dare say it.

Banjul was the President’s final port of call during his meet the people’s tour. Siaka was again begged to allow poor Mai Baldeh to speak, but he refused again.

For the past two years, Mai Baldeh, has been denied speaking in NPP meetings chaired by Siaka Jatta.

In one of the meetings, Alkali Conteh, told his colleagues that he was not going to allow Mai Ceesay to trash talk Ousainou Darboe. Alkali doesn’t want Darboe to be disrespected again by his team. Darboe must be smiling now. The same Alkali Conteh engineered the Barrow/Darboe rift.

Now that he is skeptical about his future with Barrow, he is covertly trying to make peace with his former Godfather Ba Ousainou.  He is not in speaking terms with Bai Ousainou, but notwithstanding he has developed a change of heart towards the old man.

Alkali Conteh believes in tribal supremacy. This was the guy, who accused Bai Ousainou of allocating key positions in the then new government to the Banjulian wollofs. He thinks that The Gambia is a Mandinka nation. Hence, that is why he is using his position as a Senior Presidential adviser to undercut his co colleague advisers. He also meddles into the appointment and firing of officials in the administration.

The truth be told, the NPP is the only party that its Mandinka supporters and officials are chastising other tribes. You will not hear such internal fights in the UDP, GDC, CA, PDOIS, GAP, and other parties.

We are not saying that these above-mentioned parties do not have tribal issues among its membership, but it is not exacerbating as it does at the NPP.

In our view, Mai Ceesay and her group are agents of distraction for the NPP.  Expelling them from the party, would do better for the party.

To President Barrow, The Gambia is not a Mandinka nation. How dare can you install them to man all the  key positions in the government. This is going to catch up with you, either in the short term or long term.

In order for you to preside over a stable nation, there should be diversity in tribes when it comes to appointments. Since independence, this poor nation called The Gambia, has been ruled on the basis of favoritism, nepotism, cronyism and tribalism.

Just check at the army, where tribalism is creeping.  Our Jolla officers are being marginalized. The CDS might disagree with us, but that is the naked reality.

Imagine someone with no intelligence background, appointed to head the military intelligence. His Deputy Landing Tamba, AKA space, is one of the most experienced and qualified officers to head that position, but Musa Trawally, an aviation engineer was handpicked to head that important national security unit of the force.

Tamba, a Jolla officer, has been heading that unit on an acting capacity for years. Since the Mandinka team at the State House are calling the shots, they dictate as to who should head what unit and Department in this country. That is a dangerous precedent Mr. Barrow.

Back to the NPP fracas saga, as rightly pointed out by Pa Njie Girigara in his Whatsapp audio, Mr. President, please put your house in order. Siaka Jatta, Alkali Conteh, Mai Ceesay and Fatoumatta Jawara are not helping you. They are making other tribes to be scared.

Alkali going to the police station, posing as a peacemaker, doesn’t mean anything. He is part of the very problem that he is trying to settle.

I would have respected him if he had spoken truth to Siaka and Mai Ceesay. It is wrong to isolate, persecute Mai Baldeh. Please put some respect in Mai Baldeh’s name and position as national women’s mobilizer, and cut the tribalism BS.

We hope your new political friends APRC won’t be treated the way you are treating Mai Baldeh. The world is watching!

President Barrow is heading a party and a government, in which old enemies are winning and dinning. Things have started tearing apart. The end doesn’t look good!  No to tribalism Gambia!

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