By Badou Faal

Gambians want Justice and Accountability

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE, It being an open secret that can be argued that the open secret of alleged the blatant misappropriation of public funds by in Africa, is the primary driver of “conflict, violations and serious crimes” within the continent, in its regions, and countries as evidenced, for example, in the case of the Gambia during the APRC/NPP/UDP/PPP rule, albeit, like, Toyota cars I suppose, each regime simply ushers in a new model of oppression, and thievery every 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, as a function of how disgustingly they have  the Treasury. The more disgusting the looting, the longer the regime wishes to shelter behind the corridors of power, where they could not be reached.


In this regard, was it not William Shakespeare who wrote [not his own words of course] that: “…?when someone has done you wrong, the next time you meet them, they will do you a greater wrong, as if for nothing, but to wipe out the first wrong which as you can see is not as great….! or words to those effects. You get the idea Therefore, certain politicians having robbed and looted the Treasury and/or appropriated power and influence on themselves and their cronies, are understandably keen for a second, third, fourth, term, or even for eternity, call it Bimbili Mansa! They are thus motivated not because of anything they have achieved for the citizens of the country, but more strongly for the opportunity being in power accords to keep erasing past wrongs (wiping ones ass, as some would call it) by carrying out ever more egregiously outrageous wrongs, piled on top of past wrongs, as a warning to those who would stand up for their human rights, not to be treated as second class citizens in their own country.

The most outrageous act of all was, under the threat of more potential violence, piled up on top of 22 years of murders and mayhem perpetrated on innocent peace loving people, albeit weakened by abuse and neglect, Bibili Mansa and his APRC entourage were allowed to was   airlift and repatriate all, or most of the hard currency from the Gambian reserves to, variously, Equatorial Guinea, may be to Switzerland, may be to India, may be to Senegal, may be to USA, may be to the Congo, who knows- but no wonder they are looking for repeats!  Anything APRC/NPP/UDP is most probably junk! They can only bring further pain, first to the population, then to themselves. Who can for example, picture Jammeh or his proxy the current leadership of the APRC playing second-fiddle to Barrow, assuming they win the elections, and for how long? They will first demand that they be the Army Chief. There is no price for guessing where that would end-up, but I would guess we have been here before and demand for the Interior Ministry portfolio, if successful, would likely end up in mass arrests, torture and false imprisonments, rape, and extrajudicicl killings. The Juggulars will be back, since in most likelihood they could be holed in somewhere in Guinea Bissau – the drug traffickingcapital of West Africa – just waiting to carry out their orders in the usual way !


Under this scenario, Gambia will once more find itself murdering its own citizens, only now, with even greater impunity and excuses – not in the national interest to follow them across the border etc. It must never be forgotten that Jammeh’s Dead Squad are a highly experienced bunch to thugs, well practiced and quite capable of carrying out successful
cross-border raids.

It is very plausible to think that some of the Jugglers have found a new trade in the adduction and murder of school children, or as operatives of the numerous Jihadist groups now active in the Sahel. This is not as far fetched as it sounds. Firstsome of the Jungullars, most probably, currently do not have regular sources of income. They do not have a paymaster, like they had under the murderous APRC, and thus probably make do with what ever sporadic income they can make from the shadow economy, including from trading in drugs – the hall mark activity of the Guinea Bissau territory. It should not be suprising that,given their demonstrated skills and success in undertaking a number of aductions and murder in the Gambia, including the killing in cold blood of14 innocent school children, nine foriegn civillians – the list goes on – jihadist presently operating in the Sahel would find in them compelling recuitable thugs for the kidnapping of girls and boys for big ransom money !

Yet such a merger of the two most dreadful parties the Gambia has, and will ever know, might not work as well for his excellency Mr ADAMA BARROW as President elect following the December elections, because, that will put him in the way. He might come to be regarded as thwarting Jammeh’s long held ambitions of one day being anoited Bibili Mansa of the Gambia, and thus setting the Juggulars to work to permanently dispose of him in some disused well somewhere. Remember Jammeh tried to kill Adama Barrow on the day he was due to officially hand over the presidency to him ! Of course Mr Barrow had refused Jammeh’s invitation to attend at the state house, and that was why he was sworn in the Senegal, and why he is alive today. It’s also true that some people never ever learn !

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