Police in The Gambia have arrested Neneh Freda Gomez, and “two of her staff,” including a Fatu Network reporter, Ms. Gomez, has announced in a short statement she issued on her Facebook timeline.   “I have just been arrested together with two of my staff and a reporter from the Fatu Network. Currently at the Senegambia police station,” she told her followers.

Ms. Gomez has been trying to access a property located in Bijilo that was previously occupied by the police anticrime unit. A court recently issued a judgment in favor of the owners of the property. The police were asked to vacate the property, which they did. However, the police have stationed its officers at the former anticrime base.

Ms. Gomez has been going on Facebook live claiming that her workers have been denied access to the site to do some construction work. She has also alleged that some part of the building was damaged amid the police departure from the property.


“We are experiencing yet another obstruction from Sgt Bojang who has been stationed at our property in Bijijo. He said he received command from his authorities after we left our property yesterday that we should not be allowed entry ever again,” she said.

The police spokesman Lamin Njie could not be reached for comment when contacted.

Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry has denied reports suggesting that the staff of the company are being denied access to the property.  The Justice Ministry says the case in question was a subject of legal litigation.

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