Kyrie, 29 years old and in his basketball prime, has chosen to refuse mandatory NBA covid vaccination – and to lose $33 million this year and a contract extension for some $200 million over the next four years.


In a world where people are prepared to sell their very soul for $1,000 Kyrie’s stance is one to be applauded.

And I say so as a 66 year old who has taken two covid jabs, a flu jab, and now waiting for a booster covid jab.

Kyrie’s ancestors are Native Americans, the people the European Americans genocided to establish their US of A. A couple of years ago Kyrie got attacked by the US media because he said: “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because for me and my people there is nothing to celebrate”. Do we expect the likes of Kyrie and Lebron James to forget their history and the continued suffering of their people in the USA – just because they have become wealthy basketball stars?

As Malcolm X put it: “We did not land on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock landed on us”.

Lebron James was told to “Shut Up and Dribble” when he took up the cause of Black Lives Matter … and supported the Black Voter Drive in Georgia that gave the Democrats the Senate majority. Now they criticise Lebronbecause he has chosen not to criticise Kyrie!

The fact of the matter with the vaccine is thatNO ONE KNOWS what side-effects it will have on our health and that of our children in years to come. In choosing to take the vaccine, we are making informed choices: the risk of taking the vaccine against the risk of not taking the vaccine. That is not a difficult choice for a frail 66 year old man like myself; but Kyrie is only 29 and very healthy.

It is a personal choice Kyrie has made, and like Lebron James, I support his right to make his choice. And Kyrie’s so-called “paranoia” in mistrusting the white science community with regarding to its experimenting on non-white peoples is, historically, well-founded.

On a final note, Kyrie is only 29 and Lebron James is still at the top of his game at 37 years old. There is no reason why the highly gifted Kyrie cannot return to the NBA in a year or two.

Bless Kyrie, and pray for him.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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