The leader of Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe isnt happy with the Sarahule community in Basse and its surrounding areas. Darboe, who has been over the years battling with the accusations of tribal identity politics, has accused the Sarahule tribe of transforming President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) as a Sarahule tribe.  Darboe made the accusations on Tuesday while addressing a political rally in Basse, Gambia’s provincial capital.

“The Sarahules are behaving as if they own President Barrow’s NPP Party. They have transformed the NPP as a Sarahule political party. I want to remind them that the Sarahules alone couldn’t have voted Barrow into office back in 2016. Barrow ascended into the Presidency, thanks to the participation of other tribes,” Darboe remarked.

Despite the so called “huge” welcome that was accorded to him in Basse, Darboe suddenly dropped the ball, as he resorted to tribal political bashing against the minority Sarahule tribe. He claimed that the Sarahules have joined Barrow’s party because of tribal motivation.


“It is wrong to join a political party because of tribal ties. You have joined Barrow because you felt that Barrow is part of you. Notwithstanding, we still have some loyal Sarahules who are still part of the UDP party. Most of the Sarahules in the NPP today, used to be UDP supporters,” Darboe told his followers.

The funds are drying up for Darboe. He has lost the millions that the Sarahule business community in Basse and in the diaspora have been giving his party. The Sarahule donors have renounced their support for Darboe’s UDP party. They have joined the NPP.

Darboe has also talked about the bridge and roads that have been constructed in the Basse area. He said the projects in question were negotiated by the former UDP officials in Barrow’s government.

“The bridge and roads that Barrow is using for cheap political expediency, are not Barrow’s projects. It was us who negotiated the project with the Chinese government. Do not be fooled by Barrow’s propaganda. He is shamelessly taking credit for a project that he never negotiated for,” Darboe remarked.

Darboe’s supporters have been celebrating on social media what they called “ the huge crowd” that welcomed their leader in Basse. However, their leader, was more concerned about the absence of his former rich Sarahule businessmen financiers. Darboe has accused his former Sarahule supporters of promoting tribal politics. He thinks that their e-masse defection from the UDP to the NPP was done on tribal lines.

Darboe, who is 73 years of age, has been contesting for the Presidency for three consecutive terms. His has been under pressure, as observers have warned that if he loses the coming elections, that could be the end of his political career.

His base has been soliciting media PR ad publication in the local Senegalese media, in a bid to sell their candidate.

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