Dr. Bamba Banja, is the first public official who has been charged for corruption in Barrow’s government.  He was sent on an administrative leave last year amid allegations of corruption.  He was accused of soliciting bribe from a Chinese investor, who is engaged in fishing business in The Gambia.

A court yesterday remanded Banja in prison. He is yet to be granted bail. He has been charged with economic crime.
His prosecution has been seen as a last minute attempt by the Barrow government to win the confidence of voters and the international community, weeks before the December 4th Presidential elections.
The investigations into Banja’s case has lasted for over one year. He was suddenly taken to court yesterday.

Meanwhile, the assault case of Yakumba Jaiteh has resumed.  That case has been dragging for about two years.  It was only this past week that the defense opens its defense.

The diplomatic passport scandal case has been gathering dust in the courts.  Judgment is yet to be passed on that case.


In another development, the Barrow government has been distributing another new batch of ambulances weeks before the polls.  The main hospital in Banjul continues to struggle with lack of electricity and water supply.

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