With few weeks before the long awaited December 4th Presidential elections, the Barrow government has started purging local government leaders, who are not willing to promote the President’s reelection agenda.  First to be fired is the Kombo South Chief Lamin Darboe, a native of Gunjur. Darboe received his marching orders today. 

Chief Lamin Darboe was summoned today in Banjul to report to the Lands and Local government ministry, where he was handed with a dismissal letter. His boss Musa Drammeh, has in the recent past called on the Chiefs and the Alkalos to rally behind President Barrow. President Barrow himself has told the Chiefs that they should understand that they work for him (Barrow) and should turn their backs to the opposition. The President also told them not to be afraid of the opposition—while referring to the main opposition UDP.

The Lands and Local government ministry hasn’t given any reason for his sacking, but sources said Darboe was sacked because of being not loyal to the Barrow government.


A source, who contacted us said the sacked chief Lamin Darboe, started to call his relatives and friends as soon as he received his sacking letter to inform them that he has been fired.

Mr. Darboe is suspected to be a supporter of the main opposition UDP.  He has over the years tried to win the confidence of the current administration, since Ousainou Darboe had parted company with Adama Barrow, but without success.

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