Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

The Chairman of the Brikama Area Council Sheriffo Sonko has questioned the honesty of Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). Sonko has accused Darboe of being dishonest and untruthful regarding his claims that it was him who lobbied for the Basse road and bridges project.

Describing Darboe as a flip-flopping politician, Sonko said it was the same Ousainou Darboe, who told his supporters that the Basse project wasn’t an immediate priority and should have been directed to other national developments.


“Darboe, you are an elder. We expect you to speak the truth. Were you not the one, who said the Basse project wasn’t necessary? Now you are shamelessly taking credit for the project. You are nothing but a dishonest politician. You think you can fool Gambians. President Barrow pioneered those projects. The credit should go to him,” Sonko remarked.

According to Sonko, Darboe is running a virtual dead political party and his cheap propaganda wouldn’t help him to score political points against President Barrow.

“Darboe is a storyteller. The other day, he said the Basse and Niumi projects weren’t top national priority. To our surprise, he is now taking credit for the Basse project. I have never seen such an inconsistent person. He is out to mislead the people of Basse. The impression he is projecting is fake.  I am begging you to stop making up fake stories. An elderly person shouldn’t be spreading fake information. Your credibility is on the line. You are destroying your image,” Sonko implored Darboe.

“You cannot come today and claim that you were the one, who lobbied for the funds of those projects. It was President Barrow who traveled to China to lobby for the funds. He signed the project with the Chinese government. The paper trail evidence is here. Ousainou, please stop circulating unfounded stories,” he warned.

Sonko said President Barrow is not Darboe’s matched, adding that Darboe is a disqualified politician.

“The people of URR are not fools. They are appreciative of President Barrow’s projects. There has never been such projects in URR since independence. The people of URR prefer President Barrow compared to you Daboe. You are not President Barrow’s match. No meaningful Gambian would compare you with anyone in this political arena, talk less a person, who is a disqualified somebody. Sorry to say, but my friend, this very unfounded. We are begging you to refrain from spreading unfounded stories,” Sonko pleaded with Darboe.

Meanwhile, Presidential adviser Dodou Sano has also took on social media debunking Darboe’s claims on the Basse road and bridges project. Sano said Darboe was purely out to mislead the public.

Like Chairman Sonko, Sano, has also accused Darboe of embellishing the true story about the Basse project.

“Darboe should be honest with The Gambian people. He worked for President Barrow’s government as Foreign Minister. He was acting on President Barrow’s instructions. It is disingenuous for him to claim credit for the Basse projects. If he was not hired by President Barrow, he wouldn’t be able to represent The Gambia in any international forum. How comes that when he was in the opposition, he could construct roads and bridges in Basse? Darboe isn’t consistent at all. Darboe should be grateful to President Barrow. It was Barrow, who freed him from prison,” Sano remarked.

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